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'New York City was not for me' - BU Supplement Short Essay

yurkler 1 / -  
Dec 10, 2011   #1
Short Essay: In a few sentences, please tell us why BU is a good fit for you and what specifically has led you to apply for admission?

After living in New York City for a few years, I concluded that the city was not for me. That is, until I took a school trip to Boston. I was startled by its distinct atmosphere, which bustled with activity and yet was rich in both American and World culture. Nearby any given location, there existed a landmark or exhibit highlighting history I had only been studying in books. As a result, I recognized Boston as a center of learning, rather than simply a place dominated by giant corporate buildings. In a single day, Boston made me redefine what a city can be. I would excel at BU because it is a culmination of Boston's cultural diversity, historical tradition, and overall excellence that I sincerely appreciate.

Feel free to openly criticize grammar, structure, and content.

maroon5 9 / 57  
Dec 10, 2011   #2
Really good essay...no grammar or style errors that i could notice...And the content is refreshingly new as well.
The only suggestion that i have for u is that, if u haven't exceeded the word limit, u try and include a bit more about the university's academic excellence or maybe it's diversity...Right now, your essay kind of gives the impression that you aremore enamored with Boston and the campus than u are with the university itself...Just look into it if u have some liberty with words...GOOD JOB AND GOOD LUCK

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