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Northwestern Personal Statement- wrote about tour and interest in econ.

SpicyCurryMan 2 / 9  
Oct 7, 2012   #1
What are the unique qualities of Northwestern - and of the specific undergraduate school to which you are applying - that make you want to attend the University? In what ways do you hope to take advantage of the qualities you have identified?

I would love feedback on every aspect of this essay -- main idea, how I'm portraying myself, grammar,etc. be harsh with the criticism!

When I approached Northwestern University in Evanston, the setting reminded me of my hometown-San Jose. Evanston is similar to San Jose and it borders a truly magnificent city, Chicago. San Jose borders the beautiful city of San Francisco. Although I live in San Jose, I take much enjoyment in my time at San Francisco. The favorable weather, friendly people, fun activities, and even the festivities all make this city a wonderful place. Chicago reminded me of San Francisco and Evanston felt like a home away from home.

Going into Northwestern, many students were unsure of what to study or if the school would support their academic interests. However, they discovered no matter how crazy a request or idea they had Northwestern strived to make it a reality. One student I met had the chance to study two entirely different majors which were Russian Literature and journalism. Everyone acted supportive and encouraging about what others pursued. This attracted me to Northwestern because I felt assured that everyone would be given the tools to succeed. This university promotes distinction and would never come close to compromising one's academic wishes.

I met a student, Matt, who said that the night before an organic chemistry exam he was unable to figure out how to solve a problem. Matt emailed his professor at 10 P.M. and his professor offered to hold an online tutoring session via Skype at midnight. I never knew a professor could act so friendly and helpful to a student. Most teachers at my high school would take days to respond to brief emails, yet this Northwestern professor took time during a late night to help a student in need.

My tour guide, Chris, referred Northwestern as "our university", its students as "our students" and its professors as "our professors. By doing so, Chris indicated that at Northwestern there is a sense of belongingness. He told me that the small and comprehensive class size yielded many benefits. Students are able to develop deep relationships with peers and professors. This especially appealed to me because my academic needs could be accommodated more easily.

I learned practically all of Northwestern students were involved in extracurricular activities. There were boundless options from club sports to theatre to musical groups. I am a basketball player and marching band member who would love to continue these activities in college.

At the end of my tour, I asked about the economics department in Weinberg College. I learned that professors tailor to fulfill student wishes. Chris is an economics major and he leaned toward the social policy world of economics. However, I hope to go towards the investment banking route. I found out that classes start out big during freshman year, but drop down to around twenty people a class sophomore or junior year because students can create their own curriculum. Moreover, students can receive internship opportunities from professors. I was pleasantly surprised when Chris told me dozens of his classmates got internships at J.P. Morgan and Goldman Sachs.

During summer, I traveled to Chicago to see if Northwestern were a college I would like to apply to. However, now it is the college I want to go to. This school would satisfy my academic interests and help reinforce strong moral character and growth, not to mention be an enjoyable place. Northwestern surpassed my expectations. With an inexhaustible number of resources and opportunities, the possibilities for achievement are endless. The philosophy resonates with me; designed to cater to students' needs and help them discover their genuine passion in life and embrace their individuality. Northwestern provides a unique, well rounded, and constructive environment which I would certainly take advantage of. This is the place where I can fulfill my goals and follow my passion. I hope to see a lot of purple in my near future.
kalaf 1 / 2  
Oct 9, 2012   #2
" Everyone acted supportive and encouraging about what others pursued. "- I would use another word instead of 'acted', gives the impression of insincerity.

"I met a student, Matt, who said that the night before an organic chemistry exam he was unable to figure out how to solve a problem."- reword so it makes more grammatical sense.

With just some minor edits, your essay will be good to go.

I would appreciate it if you would read my essay and give me your thoughts on it.
himanshusahay 3 / 24  
Oct 24, 2012   #4
Its a good essay, but I think you should include more than just your tour of the campus, maybe a few things about the major you intend to pursue.

Review mine?

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