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'Numbers matter to me' - What matters and Why?

Mohaimin 3 / 7  
Dec 28, 2011   #1
What does it mean to matter? Is it to be important? If it is, then, perhaps what I would rate truth as the most important. No, not honesty. But the truth. Of course, they may be mutually inclusive at first glance, but perhaps not after some thought, when we realise that the truth is what one demands to hear, and that honesty is what we expect to receive, a mode of conduct. Truth is what we strive to find in the prosecution of war criminals, and honesty is what we believe will be the way towards it. But what if there is no such thing as the absolute truth? Beauty of an argument by my debate team is subjective, so is the definition of corrupt, greedy, happy, and even warmth and coldness. There can be no definite, abosolute truth. If it is so, then is everything opinionated? Are we all the followers of mass consensus, and our own opinions? If we are, our opionions must be based on facts, truth. But there is no absolute truth. So what is it that guides us after all? What is it that matters?

Numbers. Yes. That is what matters to me. Numbers are what give meaning to such trivialities such as the worth of a football player, or the efficiency of a processor. The number at the bottom right corner of his bank statement is what measures the success of an entrepreneur. A number represents the state of an economy, and lets us perceive what the citizens may be going through. The number a the bottom of this page is the truth about me, my id. But numbers go beyond giving meaning or a truth about a concept, or an idea. At times, we find meanings in numbers themselves, for I would never pass a 10 without reliving my days as a soccer player. Nor would I ever be able to suppress a wry smile when I come across the number 547, one up to which I needed to save up so that I could buy my own book.

Yes, numbers matter to me. They set targets I need to reach: a number of underprivileged students I need to help get tuition, an amount of funds I need to reach, or points I need to earn. They drive me. Truth may not exist at all, but numbers enable us to disavow centrism, and inch closer to it.

I'm probably gonna throw this away unless I can make this better...So help me out if you can. If no, just be honest, and tell me that I should rewrite. It's okay.
prd93 2 / 7  
Dec 28, 2011   #2
I find the second paragraph much stronger than the first. I suggest keeping that or even maybe starting with it and connecting it to the truth idea. Noone like hearing philosophy about truth and honesty etc so maybe cut down on that a bit. Otherwise keep this.

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