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"Nursing is a rewarding and demanding career" - Nursing Admission

Why I Would Like to be a Nurse
The reasons why I want to be a nurse are simple and direct. I enjoy working in the medical field and take great pleasure in helping others. Immediately after high school, I went to the local hospital and received training to become a medical transcriptionist and have worked at various levels doing that for the past 15+ years, from beginner to manager. During that time, I have worked in many different settings including doctor's offices and hospitals. I have extensive experience working with medical terminology, which has proved quite helpful in taking Anatomy and Physiology courses.

Most recently I have become a nursing assistant, where I had direct hands-on contact with the patients in an intensive care and stepdown unit. After doing nursing aide work, it has become quite clear to me that nursing is where I will thrive. I get so much enjoyment out of making my patients smile or feel more comfortable or helping them to communicate with the nurses or doctors. Furthermore, a nurse is the person who gets the most one-on-one patient contact -- the one who really gets to know the patient inside and out.

Anyone asking me, "Why now," I would answer that now is the perfect time for me to pursue a new career. I have two children who are becoming more independent of me and I would like to embark on this new adventure to fulfill dreams that I have of posessing a college degree and also to help better their futures by providing an example for them where hard work and diligence is rewarding.

I feel that nursing is for the person who has great attention to detail, is organized, driven and can keep on task in traumatic situations and can get along with all types of people. During the past year and a half I have been in nursing school and getting good grades all while working full time as a nursing assistant and taking my two boys to their various sports and other functions. This proves that I have planned well, structured my time and also that I am motivated to get my schooling finished so that I can ultimately become a registered nurse.

Nursing is a rewarding career and also a demanding one. I am earnestly ready to meet the demands and take the challenge of becoming a nurse. There is nothing that I would like more than to receive an associates degree in nursing and pass my boards and become a registered nurse. I will work carefully and diligently to make sure that happens.

Hei Amanda!

Your essay is really good. However, I suggest you cut out any information that's already in your resume. Make this all about how your experience has influenced you; you can also say something about the moment you realized that nursing is the job for you.

Best luck at getting into the college you want! You are really admirable :D
I think you should do it this way:
Anyone asking me When asked, "Why now?" I would answer that now is the perfect time for me to pursue a new career, because...

Okay, I think you should add a magic sentence to the first paragraph. Add a sentence that plants a THEME in the reader's mind. What is the cool concept/idea that you want to share? Every essay needs a theme.


Nursing is a rewarding career and also a demanding one. I am earnestly ready to meet the demands and take the challenge of becoming a nurse. If you are so earnest, you'll give an example instead of just making the claim. Know what I mean? What is your favorite nursing philosophy? Google around about nursing theories. Also, do you think the increasing emphasis on empirical knowledge is detracting from the more abstract aspects of the profession? That is the question these days... Google around about nursing theory and philosophy. Also, google especially about techniques and specializations that interest you. SHOW the reader your seriousness by writing this essay in terms of current events in the field. You have to look at some nursing journal articles.
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