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NUS personal statement + SOP essay for science

Sshreya 1 / -  
Mar 30, 2020   #1

special talent, a personal experience or an activity

"This section is an opportunity for you to elaborate on the information you have provided earlier. You may discuss a special talent, a personal experience or an activity that you have been involved in that is relevant to the course you are applying for admission.

As your essay is limited to only 2000 characters (including punctuations and space), do present your ideas in a focused and thoughtful manner."
(tomorrow is last date ..i would be grateful if you could help asap)

The visible world has always fascinated me. I have inclined my energies towards utilizing every opportunity to grasp the knowledge of different subjects. With every step that I took towards filling my brain with facts and theories, It shaped me into a curious soul. So I started spending time with like-minded people-Anil Seth, Carl Sagan, EO Wilson, and so many great minds collectively helped me cherish my ideologies and allowed them to breathe. I started attending every summer research workshop I got the opportunity of, learning and working along with great scientists under government schemes like EPIC in the CSIR labs in my city. I learned food preservation techniques, purification of the compound, spectroscopic techniques -MASS (a bit about NMR), DNA isolation techniques and more. All these experiences helped in bringing my own small ideas into reality. My first National Children Science(NCSC) project was in 7th which gave me the first-hand experience of how research is approached -the importance of asking the right questions, building a hypothesis, mapping out the objectives and persevering to reach an inference along with maintaining a logbook. In 9th standard, I came 3rd at the state level NCSC for my eco-friendly mosquito and fly larva killing project and in 11th I was selected for nationals of NCSC for making a low-cost biodegradable Polymer with great water-retaining ability. I have won the INSPIRE scholarship for making a mobile charger powered by the pressure exerted on the belt around our waist but I have never restricted myself to only one thing, every different field I explored I found myself equipped with better tools to find the answers.

Everyone wants answers that lie in our universe but not everyone has the ability to asks the right questions. I have been doing my part- gaining knowledge- as a curious learner and have been preparing myself to get that ability which comes with the detailed study of the technicalities of the subjects and NUS gives the students the ability to ask and equips us with the tool to find their answers. I desire to be a scientific explorer at NUS.

Holt  Educational Consultant - / 10,088 3250  
Mar 31, 2020   #2
The reviewer is not asking you to enumerate your accomplishments and seminars attended. Instead, the statement requires you to focus on a single memorable activity that will highlight a reason as to why you are the best student to fill one of the available foreign student slots in the university. I cannot really say that your presentation delivers the required information. While you were told not to focus on the targeted presentation, you need to at least focus on one activity that will stick to the mind of the reviewer. The narration does not really make you stand out. It actually confuses the reader because there is no single, stand - out activity, talent, or experience that would give the examiner an "Aha!" moment with your response. It would be better if you pick one of the 3 topics to represent and then discuss that quickly in the essay. It may help in making the presentation more memorable to the reader.

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