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Why NYU? Transfer Essay College of Arts and Sciences Computer Science Major

EpicBoyXP 1 / -  
Feb 19, 2019   #1

being an innovator in nyc

Looking out the window and seeing New York City's skyline, casually strolling through buildings belonging to some of the world's biggest companies, and receiving a world class education is what a New York University student experiences on a daily basis. New York University's seamless integration with one of the world's largest and most famous cities is what makes it so unique. The city's lively nature will suit my restless nature to experiment and invent. As an innovator, I couldn't ask for a better place to continue my education.

Computer science is my main academic interest, but liberal arts courses are also crucial towards better understanding the world. NYU's College of Arts and Sciences gives me the opportunity to study both. Computer science students are also able to take CS-related minor courses at Tandon School of Engineering. Game Engineering is a course I would love to take, and taking it off the main campus allows me to experience more of New York as well. But the most attractive part about New York University's Computer Science program is the Accelerated Bachelor's-Master's Program. This challenges students to do their absolute best in their classes and rewards them with a Master's Degree that could take them a long way in the future. The reason this program suits me so well is because I graduated high school earlier than most students. The additional year would not set me back and I will have graduated with a higher degree than others would at the same age.

New York University offers its students a unique and valuable educational experience with its multiple schools and wide range of campuses. The chance to study what I love in addition to other liberal arts courses in an immersive environment are what make it the perfect place to continue my education.

vania 7 / 12 2  
Feb 20, 2019   #2
in my opinion, the essay is good enough to explain why you want to apply to the University.
Nevertheless, I think to make it standout from other applicants, you should highlight your goal or aspirations upon graduation from the university and why you are different from other applicants.

But it depends on the essay requirements or questions. Usually, I encountered University Application Essays which require us to highlight our excellence and career plan.
Holt  Educational Consultant - / 10,088 3250  
Feb 20, 2019   #3
Koo, this essay has several presentation points that are not often paid attention to by the reviewer because of the way it does not relate to the question being asked. In this case, the question is "Why did you choose to study at NYU?" not "Why did you decide to study in New York". Then there are aspects when you are reminding the reviewer about things that he is all to familiar with the university, which makes the essay condescending. Based on these considerations, I have come the conclusion that you can revise the essay in this following manner:

Computer science is my main academic interest, ... to study both. Game Engineering is a course I would love to take...would at the same age. The chance to study w... to continue my education.

Yes, the explanation can be completed in one paragraph and, due to the word limitation on this response, you should keep your presentation short but highly informative. The manner I put together your response above is one way of giving a concise response that represents the points of interest to the reviewer. If possible, add a smooth connection or transition that shows how your decision to study at NYU, based on academics, was influenced by your desire to transfer from your current university. A single sentence explaining why this is a logical transfer for you will suffice.

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