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The old physics teacher and his life lesson...

maximu5 4 / 11 2  
Jan 3, 2015   #1
How should i proceed further... any ideas? Any grammatical corrections , critiques are welcome, even the harshest ones.

The Teacher's Room

From time to time I had met that old sturdy physics teacher at my high school. Whom one could easily distinquish simply by the look of his unbrushed hair, slowed down movements as though they are relative, and keen sense of a nerdy humour which he used to comment on every funny thing that he saw , as the time went flew by us, time didn't show mercy on this person as well.

On one of my occasions when I was in the teachers room, submitting my classmates reports and homework, he was playing a board-game - chess. One of my newly acquired passions at that time, so as soon as I finished my task, I approached the desk where the war game was being held, and asked for a duel from the old man to which replied : he will willingly accept, as soon as he checkmates his current opponent, I waited and after his opponent surrendered, we clashed on the board and after some typical "Italian game" and the exchange of pieces, the game was drawn, to which i did not settle at my heart. From then on, every now and then I visited the teacher's room just to get a chance to compare our mettle in the game of thrones and settle our latest encounters.

Sadly, as the years have passed I started to notice memory breakdowns in my partner, as he started not to recognize me, despite all the hard-fought battles that we fought in the past, during on one of our regular matches i have asked him whether he health is okay and if he got any illnesses lately. Surprisingly he seemed to know about his condition but alas he did not share with me with an exact clarifications about it. Surprisingly despite his illness,he still walked around the school with that happy faces of him, teaching the secrets of the world around us in number, to the students as usual.

(struggling with the final paragraph, as i cant really write concise of what he taught me through all this story....)
wai019 4 / 10 3  
Jan 3, 2015   #2
You can explain how despite his illness he still appeared strong and happy, and then say how that is a motivational mechanism for you if you were to encounter any obstacles in your future.

Home / Undergraduate / The old physics teacher and his life lesson...
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