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"One Lunch to Rule them All" My Yale Supplemental

phil_hah 4 / 4  
Dec 31, 2010   #1
Please be super critical! I really need you advice and this is urgent because it's due today. I realize the ending's a little weak, but I kind of ran out of space.

One Lunch to Rule Them All

Mouth-watering honey-suckling pig; tender Kobe beef; decadent Baked Alaska; these are some of my favorite things. Having been blessed and cursed with a picky palette from birth, food has always held great significance in my life. I've always felt kind of bad about wasting my money on video games that I never played or card collections I never did anything with, but I've never felt bad about splurging on myself with fine dining. Over time my selective taste buds led me to explore the world of cooking rather than just tasting. However, just like any other chef, I love to cook because I love to eat. Whenever I get home from boarding school I always hurry to the kitchen to try new recipes that I've thought up or found after scouring the Internet. Even when travelling abroad, my fondest memories have been of delicious delicacies or cozy home cooked meals made with overflowing love by my host mom Irene. I've learned from continually watching my own mother cook for literally hundreds of people the importance of good food in bringing people together and leaving everyone happy and satisfied.

In middle school however, I never realized this very basic fact about food. During seventh grade lunchtime, unspoken contests to see which of us could get the best trade for their respective lunches always took place. Right from the start there would be a mad dash to trade chips for cookies for anything with a high abundance of sugar and practically nonexistent nutritional value. At the end of lunch, my friends and I would look at each other with grins on our faces, exchanging glances at our imaginary bloodied knees and calloused hands.

And then one day, I brought the one lunch to rule them all. Somewhere along the lines, my chef's instinct kicked in and I realized I didn't have to sit back and eat inedible public middle school lunches or Go-GurtŽ every day. Due to the close proximity of my house (right up the hill from my middle school), it was relatively easy for me to bring all of the necessary ingredients for a gourmet burger to school. I had it all planned out. As soon as the bell rang I rushed to Ms. Berg's room, grabbed my ingredients (along with my trusty George Foreman Grill), and raced back to Ms. Rojas's room to create my masterpiece. All of my friends gathered in awe of my grill and drooled over my burger. In a fit of insanity (although I'd like to think of it as me being nice), I gave each of my friends a bite of my burger. Funnily enough, seeing my friends with their faces scrunched up in happiness and their mouths half-cooing, half-shouting how delicious the lunch I had made was gave me much more satisfaction than the eating of my burger ever did.

Today, nothing pleases me more than having people come to enjoy good food and good company. But hey, isn't that what food's for?
dlanki - / 24  
Dec 31, 2010   #2
your essay is awesome!!!!

the only suggestion i have is simplifying some of the word is the first paragraph. splurging, scouring - maybe simpler words would suffice. But hey man , great essay. I'm sure you'll have an excellent chance of getting in just the way it is.

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SashaMunch 2 / 5  
Dec 31, 2010   #3
I really like your essay and I don't think the ending is weak. Great essay, do not change anything ;)

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