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The opportunity to propose and implement your own project using your skills, knowledge, and passion

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Jan 26, 2019   #1
Hello I'm from morocco and i need your feedback about this essay please
here is the prompt

1: Imagine you are given the opportunity to propose and implement your own project using your skills, knowledge, and passion. Your project can be anything from a club on your university campus, a community initiative or NGO, to your own original invention. Please explain (1) What would the project be and why would you choose it, (2) How would you plan and implement your project, and (3) Who would you involve and work with for help? (500 words)

I'm applying today so please do whatever you can to help me thank u thank u

Essay about My future association-NGO

Soon I will be the founder and president of an Association called Mustakbal 2.0 A.K.A M2.0, This multi-diverse space will be the checkpoint of young Moroccans, different in their studies' disciplines but all enthusiastic to make Morocco prosper. It is a platform for training, investigation and consultation, as well as a forum for dialogue and expression, leading to concrete actions for sustainable-development. The main goal of this association is to empower communities in their own development. We will try to energize Moroccan women's and youth groups as change agents with entrepreneurial spirit, leadership and volunteerism. We will also try to create in them the concern and respect for the environment so-as the sustainable management of the natural resources. Subsequently, we will also promote the permanent integration of the gender approach in any project that we put in place.

My first personal project will be: The RASP4M2.0, it is an initiative by me with collaboration of many young Moroccans studying engineering, that will solicits M2.0's expertise in entrepreneurship and leadership modules. RASP4M2.0 raises awareness among young people about the usefulness of computers (Thanks to the presentation of the Raspberry, WIFI modem that runs on solar-energy without internet-connection). It also aims to train young people living in rural-areas to search Through the Internet and media-libraries and to be introduced to programming and content creation.

Similarly we'll be involved in environmental issues: Morocco is a weak emitter of greenhouse gases but its ambitious development strategy may result in a strong increase of emissions by 2030. Thus, in the lead-up to COP22, Morocco has committed to reduce its emissions up-to 32% by 2030. In order to help the country respect this commitment, M2.0, as an organization of the Moroccan civil society, will implement the WELFARE project with a view to remedying it by concrete actions through the establishment of incentive methods aiming to its involvement. The project consists of a set of activities undertaken in order to promote, raise awareness and mobilize the Moroccan population around the issue of the protection of the environment in general but especially its preservation through the cleaning and sanitation of their immediate living space environment.

M2.0 will also prepare the first EYE edition in Morocco «Employment, Youth and Entrepreneurship"This program aims to give young people tools that will enable them to undertake and become self-sufficient in the field of their choice. The EYE is open to all social categories without any discrimination and will be placed under the theme "Youth: from ambition to realization" Through this program M2.0 aims to stimulate young people to propose innovative solutions to local problems along with encouraging and supporting them in creating jobs that will have an impact on our communities therefore helping the Moroccan government in these objectives for 2030.

I'm sure that along -the-way to make my objective a reality, struggles will block my path however nothing worth having comes easy, through hard work, perseverance and a faith in God anything can be done, and every problem will be overcome.

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Jan 27, 2019   #2
Ayoub, you are over reaching with this essay. The requirement is for you to present only one project. A project that you will explain from its inception, its objectives, its goals, source of funding, early implementation, collaborative organizations for the project, and the eventual, long term outcome of the project. You are presenting several ambitious ideas in this essay, but not have an actual focus on the required elements. Since you have several ideas / projects indicated in this essay, I strongly urge you to analyze each project for strength and weaknesses, then use the strongest one for this essay. Pick the one that is closest to your major, can have an early development on campus, which you can turn into a student community organization or group. That way you can turn to the university administration, education department, and proper government agency for financing and funding. As of now, you have too many under developed in this presentation. It can only be strengthened by focusing on the most course major related project that you can come up with.

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