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Overcoming Is Growing/ Global UGRAD Program: Why would you be a valuable attendant?

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Jan 6, 2017   #1

Overcoming Is Growing

I have experienced different challenges through the pass of time, but I see them as a way of growing. One of the difficulties I struggle with daily is a disability which somehow made me become the persistent person I currently am. Nonetheless, what is an impairment when you have all what you need in your mind? Creativity has indeed helped me to find clever ways of keep moving on in a life where almost nobody stops to help others grow, and everything seems to crumble for those who are not considered normal.

Being a five-year-old girl, I had to be hospitalized due to an asthma crisis. What none of us in my family expected was that I would end up with a weird disease which currently limits my walking. Did it stop me from studying? No, not even when I had to be assisted by my parents to do the easiest thing. I could not play like any other kid, I could not run nor jump. Nonetheless, my mother and father worked hard to help me to realize that I was able to do anything as long as I desired it. As I was growing, another disease appeared: scoliosis; and at the age of twelve, I had a surgery to correct my spine condition. This, of course, was not a limit for me to graduate from elementary school.

Yet, adolescence hit me more than my condition, and I had to overcome many anxiety crises that made me think of teen days as a dark time of my life. Nonetheless, when I was sixteen, I was on the edge of introspection where I found myself, thanks to the support of my dear parents, as the creative girl I have always been. That is how I came back to love art, and I continued growing my love for learning. I felt the urge of using my artistic and learning skills to help others. Thus, I decided to become a light for those who want to get out of the dark pond of ignorance. I decided to work as an educator.

I am currently studying to become an English teacher (language that called my attention since I was a kid), and this indeed is the way to pay back to all the people who believed in me no matter how obscure the sky seemed to be for me back then. From my own experience, I can tell that there is no further limitation than our own thoughts. Hence, everything I desire is attained by positivism, and such quality must be passed down to others. Thinking this way makes me feel complete, and there is no way that I will stop from pursuing this goal. I also draw and paint anytime I have the chance because it is a skill that I want to combine with my future career.

That being said, I thank all the difficulties I had to overcome, for I have learned to obtain the most out of them while loving myself for the person I am. This, also, makes me prove others that anyone can achieve anything they wish with a bit of creativity and determination. What else am I doing with this life lesson? Currently, I am applying my love for teaching as a tutor who combines art with the desire of planting the love for English in the university I study at. Teaching and learning for the sake of helping others is my passion.

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Jan 6, 2017   #2
Grettel, let's try to split the focus of the essay. While I agree that your story is highly moving and should definitely make you a contender for a scholarship slot, there is a missing aspect to this essay. The missing aspect is, according to the criteria of the scholarship, how you can be an inspiration to others or work with others who are members of the scholarship program to bring a unique, enlightening, and learning experience during the semester. You can easily accomplish that task within your essay by discussing how you have served as an inspiration to those who know you, those who get to know you, and those who just see you in the school. All because you have learned to overcome adversity and turn it not into an enemy, but a challenge that allows you to overcome any obstacle and succeed where others believe you will fail. By creating a little drama in your essay, it should stand out more and be memorable enough for final consideration.
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Jan 7, 2017   #3
I have already submitted it. Thank you for your help. I am honor student, member of a research group, future teacher assistant, and tutor. Yet, I am pretty sure that there are people with more achievements. I wanted to show my passion about it instead. Thanks for you help. Your opinion is important.

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