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'My parents have given their lives for me' - the world you come from

lola033 2 / 2  
Aug 30, 2010   #1
Prompt #1 (freshman applicants)
Describe the world you come from ï for example, your family, community or school ï and tell us how your world has shaped your dreams and aspirations.

I come from a neighborhood where violence is present on the daily basis. My family and I have tried to move out but the circumstances we are surrounded by. Hi, I am a Latina who is trying to elevate her life to another level by being the second member to graduate and move on to college. The situation hasn't been easy because my parents have worked day and night with an aspiration of having a better living. Unfortunately, life has treated us harshly. I clearly remember when I was ten years old, and my sister was 11. My family was facing economical problems and llegal situations that were related with immigration my parents tried occulting the circumstances, but it wasn't long enough when i noticed my parents necessity.

Until, my dad decided to make a major decision, he ended up taking us to Down town. He ordered my sister and i to stay inside the car. When he came back he had a load of merchandise that consisted of toys. The following day my sister, brother and I woke up and went with him to Paramonth Swap-meet. where we found a line off one hundred or possibly more, my dad was frustruated and so was I. Once we made it to our location . We started setting up the toys and a house that consisted on metals it took us approximately one hour. When we where ready I was already anxious to sell toys y scram and said "juguetes para niïos" which means "toys for kids". My dad and sister laughed and said "nimodo que sean para animales" that phrase means "there is no way they're for animals ". We worked there for a total of six months with little salary. Later my dad noticed he needed another job. He loved traveling so he decides to study and become a trucker. I helped him study and make his dream come true my dad was my hero because even now he shows me that their should not be obstacles that make you stop for what you want. He tells me be a dreamer and not a failure, I want you to have a better living. His words have inspired me through out the days because i want to make a new generation with a greater source of education, and no poverty.

Furthermore, when my dad decided to give up on selling toys. He picked me up from my local Elementary school located near Pico Blvd and waited for me inside his white chevy truck. As soonest i went inside he would give me a brochure with lots of questions related with the trucking industry. I would usually read him the questions out loud and would immediately respond. He was always right when it came to answers. Both my parent's have thought me the real meaning of hard work and having to fight for your rights, since i was born in the land of opportunities.

My mom has also been a major inspiration. She motivates me whenever I see her, since I really don't see her. Whenever she sees me frustrated she tells me you're a butterfly who is waiting to fly as soonest possible, but everything takes time at the beginning the butterfly is a caterpillar and then it transforms into a beautiful butterfly who is willing to fly in between the prettiest flowers that mother nature has built for humanity. Those words that might sound simple touch my heart, and make me want to live life to the fullest. My mom came here at the age of fifthteen not because she wanted to, but because she felt obligated to do so. To proceed my grandpa from mexico who i love so much suffered of an epileptical attack. My mom had the desire to become a teacher sadly my grandparents never motivated her they believed that she only went to school to joke around. My grandparents were deeply wrong. Until now my mother motivates me something my grandparents never did with her . She is afraid to make the same mistake my grandparents did with her.

I am going to college for myself, and parents because both of them have given their lives for me. And the only way i can possibly thank them is by educating myself and making them proud of all f my achievements. I want to be the change, the change that changes the following generation that are yet to come.

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Aug 30, 2010   #2
I come from a neighborhood where violence is present on the daily basis. My family and I have tried to move out, but the circumstances we are surrounded by.does not make proper sense

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