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Essay about "How did you get passionate about physics"

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Apr 27, 2021   #1

my interest in physics

So it all started on the day I graduated to 9th grade.One of my friends Tanvir, showed me a science-related magazine named 'BigganChinta' I was turning pages and suddenly my eyes just stucked on a title which was like 'Einstein's theory suggests that time travel is possible? '.

So one of the reasons for my that much excitement was I used to watch lots of science fictions animes and after seeing there time travel like stuffs I was just totally shocked cause I always wondered if it really would ever be possible in reality. Then I read the whole magazine and found lots of other things like black hole, entanglement,wormhole etc .Basically, it turned my whole interest in physics.

Then I decided to understand this in most meinstrem way.So first I learned some of the basic stuffs like vectors, kinematics and Newtonian mechanics from a book named university physics and took some help from khan academy. Then I started relativity and then my whole intuation about the nature just changed.After studying more academically about this topics,I understand it (time travel) is not possible in reality yet but it's not the main issue here, I started from understanding a thing that was a kind of fairy tails for me but it leads me to something that was as much mysterious than any kind of magic or fairy tails. I was just surprised knowing how our nature works so beautifully and we really don't know much about it yet.

At the beginning I used to watch podcasts of physicists like Susskind, Michio kaku, sean Carroll etc. I didn't understand anything they were talking about but I wanted to know everything.I wanted to know what is preventing us to solve these problems. Then I asked one of my college teachers to help me out studying quantum mechanics.He told me,''First complete the basics of classical mechanics, E&M and some mathematical concepts ,otherwise, it will be a rush.'' So i listen to him .He gave me some useful materials to warm up and it took me about 7-8 months to clear all the basics then I started QM from Griffith's quantum mechanics book and followed QM 1 course provided by mitocw. These really helped me out quite nicely.

As i read more I get more curious about what is next? what is next? what we are not able to solve yet? why can't we able to make a unified theory? So I continued and learned how much i could and still doing.But I was not that much matured about these topics back then and my thoughts were so naive but as time goes I started to understand and realize things more academically.

At that moment I already decided to do my major in physics and then research after taking my PhD .I know research is not all about string theory and these 'pop science' like stuffs,there are more awesome things to do but I really enjoy thinking about them and I dunno what topic I'll end up with but one thing for sure I'll never lose my hope and do whatever it takes to be a Theoretical Physicist.

Also, I'm such serious about physics is like I can't even think spending my whole life doing something else.I just enjoy doing physics more than anything.It's kinda some types of feeling for me. Don't know how to explain it!

But nevertheless Its all thanks to that magazine and my friend for giving me that. For that thing now I know what I'm passionate about ,what I am going to do in future hopefully.
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Apr 28, 2021   #2
The presentation is too laid back in approach. Almost as if you are addressing a friend or someone you are highly familiar with rather than an academic authority. Use a more respectful tone. This discussion is too informal and lacks the respectful tone that the admissions committee members require. Pretend you are writing a formal essay to a teacher, that is the tone required.

I am afraid the development of your passion for physics does not create an interesting profile for yourself. You are mostly interested in reading about physics which, for the most part, is not a bad thing, but it is not a good thing either. You do not show a true passion based on skills development. There is only a theoretical interest on your part. There was no pursuit of practical physics experiences in the presentation that would prove a truly developed or developing passion for this field of study.

A more effective passion presentation would be based on a physics question that has puzzled you for a long time. How have you been driven to develop a solution to that equation or question? At what point of physics are you at now? How did you get there? Do not focus solely on the theoretical. Move beyond the reading materials. How have you applied these theories to your passion? Truth be told, there is only a passion for learning, not a passion for physics in itself or based on a career in physics for yourself as a scientist.
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Apr 28, 2021   #3

Okay, So
1. I should write a formal essay?
2. I should tell about if I have stuck with a problem for quite a long time and how did I solved it or what have I done to solve it or the current status of it and what I am doing to find the solution right now? Would it help?

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