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How have your past experiences influenced your academic record?

can someone help me with those questions I don't know where to starts

1)How have your past experiences influenced your academic record?
2) What are you doing presently to ensure your academic success?
3) What are your academic goals and how will CWU help you accomplish these goals?
Your essay should include information regarding your gpa, test scores, or high school core deficiencies and your involvement in leadership contributions, if any, in your home, school, or community.

Hi Askal,

Where to start? Start with your theme. Every time you communicate with someone about something, have a theme. Have an idea in mind that you want the listener/reader to remember.

What is your theme? What is the noble cause that you want to identify with?

When you know what your personal mission in life is, and when you get excited about it, the answers to these questions will come easily.

What is most important to you, and how is it related to your chosen school or field of study?

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