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Path to find what really matters; U Delaware Honors Program/ What matters most?

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Dec 20, 2012   #1
Throughout the University of Delaware's history, we've dared to be first in what matters. Our alumni were among the first to sign the Declaration of Independence. Ours was the first study abroad program in the U.S. And our academic focus on energy and the environment, business, translational medicine, interdisciplinary engineering, the arts, and humanities, demonstrate that teaching and research still come first at UD. Now we dare you. What matters most to you?

I'm the type of person who always tries to stay out of trouble, who always tries to get good grades, and who always tries to be realistic. However, none of these things matter to me, what matters most to me is finding something that I love to do. As a senior in high school, you hear all the students talking about applying to college and picking their major. I have multiple friends who already knew what they wanted to do since freshman year, but that's not my case. Freshman year I had no clue what I wanted to do, although my vision of the future has gotten a bit clearer, it is still pretty blurry.

I think of college as a path to finding what really matters. When you're a student in high school, you're not really in the real world. High school is like this big protective bubble that you can explore without much consequences. What matters to people in High school doesn't necessarily matter when they go to college. Things like prom and senior skip day are some of the things that might matter to students, but that has nothing to do with a person's future. For a person who doesn't know where to go to college or what to major in, face many obstacles. But I feel that you don't have to know what you want to be when you're starting college. I feel that college is about finding out what you want to be and who you want to be.

What matters most is how a person feels about their life and themselves. If a person has a job they absolutely hate, they are not doing what matters the most to them. What matters the most to me is finding something that I am passionate about. I don't want to just go to college to get a degree and then a job that I hate. I want to go to college for the experience; I want to go to explore my options. I want to be that person who wakes up in the morning and is excited to go to work, that's what matters most to me.

diabatem 5 / 32  
Dec 20, 2012   #2
Content wise it is okay. Not to say it is not well-written but ,you need to expand on what really matters to you. Depending on if their is a word limit I would cut down on your introduction.
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Dec 20, 2012   #3
The build up to what matters to you i.e. the first two paragraphs is really nice :) nice flow
having said that , you need to elaborate about how a person feels about him or herself matters
a short paragraph tacked on should probably do the trick

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