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a person who have influenced you and whats that influence

nanayaws 7 / 11  
Nov 8, 2008   #1
please check if there is any grammatical error and if it is catchy thank you

Confidence, intelligence, determination, endurance, is characteristics borne by every
great man. Will smith, Opera Windfrey, Bill Gates, Barack Obama and so many more. The great flights of these individuals were not attained by a sudden flight. An interview with these individuals on how they have made it this far would be an answer like determination, hard work, and endurance running across every statement they make.

Many are these great men who had an influential impart on my life, but from all odds is Barack Obama who stands out outstanding.
I wonder how I used to harbor the thought that physical appearance determines the destiny or your future. This is to say that I used to shy away from responsibilities because of the fact that I would be mocked by my peers. I did not really possess a strong character and was much affected by comments from people. As a result, I more often than not, coil into an invisible shell.

Any time I met my mates in a group discussion, I never contributed for fear of being laughed at if the idea was somehow out of scope or should I say, wrong.

However, events began to change when I heard that half Kenyan, half American man, Barack Obama was president of Harvard law review and also was contesting the American to be the American president. I said to myself, if a half black man could dare to go this far, why should I let the criticism of people from my own race bring me down the ladder?"

Then I remembered a saying by one Myles Munroe that, the greatest tragedy in life, not death, but a life that never realizes his full potentials ". This is because I realized that the higher you climbed the ladder of success, the more you are bound to attract more criticism.

Secondly, I never used to give reference to my adversaries, being a Student council representative for my class during high school. It looks like it was the order of the day in my school, that is not to respect the authorities especially, the student in prefectural position. However, when I realized the way Barack Obama gave way to cutting remarks or indebt criticism from the opposition without any reaction, negatively I resolved to a change for the better, by way of giving reference to those in higher authority than mine without giving cutting remarks. This is because sometimes this remarks lacked substance and only humiliated those in the net of criticism. This changed helped me because I was able to indulge in a cordial and sunny working relationship with my prefects and this accorded me some respect and helped me maintained my position as a student council representative for 3 years of high school .

I may not have had contact with Barack Obama to say he had had any direct influence on me, but I must say that he contesting for American presidency in spite of his African background has had a higher impact on my life more or less.

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