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Physical therapy and kinesiology - QUESTBRIDGE PREP SCHOLAR Q!

celbel 1 / 1  
Mar 7, 2023   #1
Tell us about a concept, theory, or topic you have explored simply because it sparked your intellectual curiosity.

Why do you find it intriguing? How do you want to explore it further?

(200 word max)

The hospital room in which my mother was awaiting her physical therapy consultation is where my newfound love for learning would be unraveled. While my anxious mind frantically looked around the room- my eyes became fixated on the anatomy diagrams covering the dull beige walls.

As we waited, I wandered around the room until I found something to take over my racing thoughts. I picked up any pamphlet I could find with similar pictures and spent the entirety of the appointment reading each one (to the best of my ability as a 7-year-old). The study of the human body and its movements quickly set up camp at the forefront of my mind for the next 10 years, and from that moment forward, her frequent hospital visits meant more for me to read.

Through the years, careers have come and gone, but nothing I've ever contemplated studying has engulfed my thoughts and sparked my desire to grow the way the human body has. My aspirations have been deemed strong, from 5th-grade P.E class to anatomy next year. I plan to further my education by majoring in kinesiology, knowing I've fulfilled the dreams of the girl in that doctor's office.

Any help is appreciated!
Holt  Educational Consultant - / 14,249 4652  
Mar 8, 2023   #2
Okay, you cannot use an exposure when you were 7 years for this prompt. What you provided is neither a concept, theory, or topic that properly explains why you would want to pursue a professional career in the field of your chosen major. You should think of more recent factors for this response. Your response should relate to intellectual curiosity and how you pursue that subject. This writing does not have an intriguing slant and fails to prove that you have a valid reason for wishing to pursue this in college and beyond. If you are interested in the human anatomy and how the skeletal and muscular system works, then you should be discussing something related to physical or sports therapy in your response.

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