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a piece of architecture- Sydney Opera House

bee2010 1 / 1  
Jan 17, 2010   #1
Whenever i hear the word "sydney", i immediately visualize the Sydney Opera House. Sydney Opera House is a performing arts centre on Benelong Point in Sydney, Australia. It was designed be Danish Jorn Utzon and formally completed in 1973. The beauty os Sydney has persuaded everyone to become one of the Unesco World Heritage.

SOH is one of the twenty centery's most distinctive building, a major tourist attraction, and one of the most famous performing arts centre in the world. SOH has a smart modern design which is huge, majestic and convenient. The building covers 1.8 hecters, 183 meters long and 120 meters wide. The roof of the house is cover in a subtle unique pattern which is a white shell shape. The scales of the shell were designed to meet the demand of the internal height, with low entrence spaces and the seating area is up to the high tower. SOH has two main venues, the Opera Theater is located within the Western group of the shell and the Concert Hall within the Eastern group. Besides, there are a restaurance, a Drama theater, a Play House, a Utzon Room, a studio and a Forecourt in SOH.

There is no doubt that the SOH is one of the great iconic building of the twenty centery, a masterpiece that has been known throughout the world.
a9961m 1 / 9  
Jan 17, 2010   #2
What's the essay prompt? (Unfortunately, this 'essay' seems to have been plagiarized from Wikipedia, The Free Encyclopedia.)
OP bee2010 1 / 1  
Jan 18, 2010   #3
yes,it is.i just try to do homework,i just want to check the grammer of mine.is it ok or not.?(dont said "plagiarized"). seriously, how to delete it...help
EF_Kevin 8 / 13,321 129  
Jan 20, 2010   #4
Your English is very good with just a few mistakes! :-)

Before you post your essay, make sure you capitalize all the occurrences of "I." That way, people who want to help you can concentrate their attention on other matters.

Also, look for typos, like the one below:

The beauty of Sydney has persuaded everyone to become one of the Unesco World Heritage.

Who are you talking about when you say "everyone?"

The roof of the house is covered in a subtle, unique pattern which has images of white shells. shape .
diodotusX 3 / 19  
Jan 20, 2010   #5
I'd be glad to correct and comment on your essays...but they first have to be YOUR essay. This is definitely stolen from Wikipedia. Don't think you're clever because you didn't steal whole chunks or paragraphs at once or that you can get away with plagiarizing by changing just a word or two in a sentence. I went through the Wikipedia article and found the exact same words sentences that you have here.

So cut this...
let's not get carried away.
a9961m 1 / 9  
Jan 21, 2010   #6
FYI: imgur/5cctK.png

I'd like to help you with your own work, so I suggest you start from the beginning. (1) What's the essay prompt? You remarked this is a homework assignment (i.e. not an undergraduate admission essay). (2) What would you like to say about the Sydney Opera House? (Have you been there, perhaps?) (3) Has your teacher asked you to cite sources?

Best of luck for your writing.
diodotusX 3 / 19  
Jan 23, 2010   #7
Sorry, I agree I did get carried away. BUT look at the link in the post above yours comparing Wikipedia's article to this one. a9961m went to the liberty of comparing the essay sentence by sentence. It's plagiarized.
a9961m 1 / 9  
Jan 23, 2010   #8
I looked at wiki and see that information comes from there, but I do not see any sentences taken directly from there.

Kindly refer to the link I posted above. I took a screen capture, because I was afraid posting Wikipedia's sentences would violate the forum's rules. Personally, I believe 'plagiarism' is an ugly word. I always strive to uphold Wikipedia's fundamental principle, no matter which site I'm viewing, to assume good faith (en.wikipedia.org/wiki/WP:AGF), and Sy Bich Hien said, "I just try to do homework ... seriously ... help. " Admittedly, at first, I assumed S.B.H. just typed up sentences from Wikipedia, without citing, and posted it for us to correct. However, while I've probably spent hours sitting through lectures about plagiarism, S.B.H. may not have and was 'seriously' trying to finish an assignment about the S.O.H., a possibly unfamiliar topic.

Wikipedia is a wonderful resource, and if used well, a great starting point for Internet and literary research.

Well this certainly looks like original writing ... It even has errors! ... I think sy bich hien is doing a good job of learning English.

This is why I didn't just post a link to the screen capture and "call it a day." I think sy bich hien did not willingly break any rules. Such a resource as Essay Forum is the perfect place to help S.B.H. with the idiosyncrasies of the English language (and the art of citation!), and I didn't want to deter S.B.H. from it. It's been 5 days since S.B.H.'s last post, so perhaps we can lay this thread to rest until his/her next one.

Addendum: My post is an example of how we are all in the dark in some areas and not others. I don't know which word in "Sy Bich Hien" is the given name or whether it's a boy or girl's name. Sorry about that. :D
EF_Kevin 8 / 13,321 129  
Jan 25, 2010   #9
When I follow the link, I see that a weak attempt at paraphrasing was usually made. For example, in a sentence about "scale of the shells" it is clear that our friend Si Bich Hien tried to paraphrase adequately. In fact, his attempt to paraphrase shows that he is still struggling with the English language.

Now I say that Si Bich Hien put more effort into paraphrasing than many students do who grew up speaking English. However, I see some examples of phrases taken directly from wiki, like the one about "twentieth century's most distinctive buildings." That sure it plagiarism. it is also plagiarism if we give the dimensions of the building without citing the source of our information; however, that plagiarism is not the kind that comes from laziness; it comes from struggling to write well in English.

Now that I have looked at your point by point comparison, I see that a lot of time was spent trying to paraphrase sufficiently, but I also see that much room for improvement remains. I fnd in favor of the plaintiff; this definitely is plagiarism. However, it is not the bad kind. Let's all just help each other practice good writing.

a9961m this post is very well-written, and you seem to have lots of insight. Andrew, like I said, you are correct in the allegation, I think, but it just is probably not about any laziness or bad intentions.


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