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Essay about a place - Ho Chi Minh

ThnhNgn 1 / -  
Feb 16, 2020   #1

a place I love

Everyone has a place where they feel secure and peaceful. A place where all troubles and challenges seem unimportant and where one can simply relax and forget about everything. My Ho Chi Minh City has always been such a place for me. I was born and brought up there and I know the city like the back of my hand. Ho Chi Minh is a really fantastic city to live in and one that grows on me more and more every day. But saying that, no city is perfect and while there are so many things I love about Ho Chi Minh City; there definitely are some things I do not get warm and fuzzy about.

Special destination in Ho Chi Minh City are local markets. The fresh product here is amazing: fruit, vegetables, grains, tofu, meat. My favorite area is the seafood section where you can buy eels, mussels, scallops, squid, prawns and all kinds of fish imaginable. The seafood is fresh that a lot of it is still moving when you buy it. Besides that Vietnamese food is considered to be one of the best in the world. Vietnamese dishes consist of a lot of fresh ingredients like vegetables, herbs and spices. There is not much oil and a lot of the meat is grilled or boiled keeping the food healthier. In Ho Chi Minh City, you have amazing street food. Nothing beats chowing down on a tasty "Banh mi" in the middle of the street.

Another highlight that coffees are very popular throughout Vietnam. But in Ho Chi Minh city is a coffee lover's paradise - which is absolutely perfect for addicts like us. Every street, alley and corner there is a coffee shop. We have the big chains like Trung Nguyen known as a famous brand in Vietnam and tiny local cafes where the seating is a stool on the sidewalk. Also fruit juice is also a great thing here; take a few steps in Ho Chi Minh and surely you will find a juice stall. People in Ho Chi Minh love their juice. Probably because of the abundance of fresh fruit and vegetables everywhere.

Despite all the highlights, the worst thing in here is traffic jam. Traffic jam regularly happens in Ho Chi Minh city. As you can see, the transportation system of my country is almost totally roads. Therefore, the number of major transports such as cars, motorcycles, lorry, buses, trucks and other vehicle are more and more crowded on the streets. Let's try to imagine what will happen if the streets are obstructed by full of transports and people want to come back home quickly on the worst weather or after a tired working day. At that time, the vehicles moved so slowly. Some impatient drivers scream and hurry the vehicles in front of.

As you can see so many great things about living in Ho Chi Minh City. That's because this city really is amazing. There are other things that make it tough, but the rules here prevent me from writing about them safely, so I'll leave it at the fact that values are not always aligned. But that's what you get when you go somewhere else, and in choosing a place to base yourself, you have to be able to tolerate things you dislike, and truly smile at the things you enjoy. For now, Saigon is always the place for me. Despite the getting sick, despite the dengue, despite the fact that you can't walk around for too long because you want to throw up from the fumes in the air, it's still a place I love. For all the reasons on this list, and for hundreds more.

Anybody can check and fix it for me? I'm not sure it's suitable in academic English.

Holt  Educational Consultant - / 10,088 3250  
Feb 17, 2020   #2
I'll assume that you are practicing to write in British English and use that as the reference point. Remember that certain words are spelled differently in British English than in American English. So "favorite" becomes "favourite" in the British spelling. You have to be sure to spell the words in the proper English version. When you use an introductory element, you need to place a comma after the word (Also, fruit juice / Besides that, Vietnamese food...).

Since you are writing an academic essay, you must avoid the use of contractions as that turns a formal essay into an informal written piece (Let's = Let us, That's = That is, I'll = I will). Oxford commas are required when listing related words such as "mussels, scallops, squid, prawns". You needed to use the comma several times throughout this presentation.

The story itself that is told in the essay is good. It is descriptive and informative. The problems that you had with grammar relates mostly to your current lack of English expertise. The good news is that anybody who reads your writing will know that you are not an English beginner, you are more like an intermediate learner. Which shows a somewhat advanced level of writing in English, regardless of British or American grammar rules.

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