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"play rubik's cube at Johns Hopkins" -Johns Hopkins Supplement

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Dec 21, 2010   #1
A Typical student at Johns Hopkins spends less than 15 hours each week in a classroom, leaving lots of time for volunteer opportunities, clubs and organizations, athletics, social events, and other on- and off-campus activities. Aside from the academic interests you've already expressed, in what activities do you plan to engage as an undergraduate at Johns Hopkins? (250 words maximum)

As an undergraduate at Johns Hopkins, I want to play the Rubik's Cube on campus. Having studied on Rubik's Cube for almost 2 years, I am now a half-expert. But only playing is not the reason why I bring my cubes to Johns Hopkins. Since many regard Rubik's Cube only as a toy while in my opinion, its values are far more than only a recreation, what I want to do is to disseminate the philosophy behind this little stuff. I really want to share these with my friends.

Cube's philosophy NO.1: always be calm and you will find a solution. Most of people first see a cube waiting to be solved with mixed colors will find such a task vexed and feel annoyed. So in most cases, they give up. However, if they calm down and make some observations, they will find order in disorder and consequently find a right solution.

Cube's philosophy NO.2: be brave to give up what you have acquired. In the process to solve a cube puzzle, if you want to go further, you have to re-mix up the finished faces temporarily. Otherwise, you may finish one face of the cube, but you will never have a breakthrough and achieve the final success.

Cube's philosophy NO.3: do not always stick to formulae; be creative. We have to recite "better" formulae in order to raise our solving speeds. However, the formulae we get from others are not always the most suitable for us. Even for a same formula, when using different fingers, the effects will differ considerably. Therefore, we need to practice, correct, or even create our own formulae to find most suitable and effective methods.

These are what I have apprehended from playing Rubik's Cube and there still remains much to be learnt. After seriously taking a dive into Rubik's Cube, everyone will have his or her own deep understandings about the Rubik's Cube and these understandings will still be instructive lessons in his or her future life. That's why I want to play Cubes at Johns Hopkins.

This essay now has 343 words and I am not sure how to shorten it to 250 words, please give me some advice. thank you
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Dec 21, 2010   #2
Dear Friend,

Dumi has done few very good changes. I think, last Para of your prompt is bit redundant, and you can try to cut it short because already you have mentioned that you want to play this game in the opening sentence itself. Try making it something powerful one-liner like-

The closeness of the Rubik to the real life problems solving skills makes it different from other games and instructive lessons learnt during this can help everyone in their future life.

I think you need to edit it a little more. First, you make your changes and then we will see for editing and proofreading.

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Dec 21, 2010   #3
Does JHU have a Rubik's Cube Club? I'm not sure why you are talking about playing the Rubik's Cube when the prompt is "What activities do you plan to engage as an undergraduate AT Johns Hopkins?" For example... clubs, programs, events, etc etc etc. You can definitely talk about playing the Rubik's Cube, but this is the wrong place to do so.

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