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Playing the violin in a small ensemble/ The senior valedictorian who I had admired; Rice Supplements

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Dec 29, 2015   #1
Please briefly elaborate on one of your extracurricular activities or work experiences. (150 word limit) paying less attention to the details and focusing more on the big picture

My favorite setting to play the violin is in a small ensemble. In these small groups, there is no conductor, and as the head violinist, it is my job to lead. However, this does not mean that I can act independently. The success of our performances depends on everyone's willingness to work together. If one person speeds up, the rest of us follow, willing to temporarily give up or own desired tempo for the sake of staying together until I lead us back to a normal speed. The greater need to depend on one another is what makes playing in a small ensemble different. This dependence forces us to connect with each other and the music, and the result is a more passionate performance. Small ensembles have showed me the positive effects of working cooperatively with others, knowledge I can use both on and off of the stage.

How did you first learn about Rice University and what motivated you to apply? (250 word limit) Supplement

When I was a sophomore, the senior valedictorian, Sara, announced that she would be attending Rice in the fall. My admiration for her as well as my curiosity led me to start researching Rice. I was attracted by things like the flexibility provided by the honor system and the ability to conduct research at the Texas Medical Center Laboratories, and wanted to know even more. So the next year, I tracked down Sara's information and sent her a text asking her to tell me everything about her experiences at Rice. She responded with a long, passionate text proclaiming her love for Rice. This love was contagious. As she raved about Rice's friendly atmosphere, I became hooked. When she explained that the friendships she made during O-week extended throughout the entire year through weekly O-week lunches and O-week group activities, I felt assured knowing that the friendships I made during orientation would continue throughout what could otherwise be a lonely freshman year because of effort Rice puts into maintaining friendships. I grew even more excited when she explained that Rice had a culture of care which meant that everyone watched out for each other socially and academically. Colleges, especially highly ranked institutions like Rice, can be extremely competitive, but knowing that Rice has a collaborative environment would ease a lot of the sense of competition. I knew I liked Rice after researching it, but I fell in love with Rice after my conversation with Sara.

I want to make sure everything's perfect before I submit!

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Dec 29, 2015   #2
I like the way you talk about the coherence of your whole group in the first prompt, but maybe add a little more about you or what is wonderful about it that is important to you.

For the second prompt, add maybe how Rice appeals to you academically and how your personality will fit with Rice's profile of a student.
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Dec 29, 2015   #3
Both essays deliver the exact information and quality of discussion that is expected of each prompt. You have the ability to paint a very vivid picture of the ideas that you convey in your essays. Such a talent comes in handy when explaining these difficult prompts to the reviewer. Both statement responses actually come across as quite natural and sans any unwanted information that would lessen the impact of your response.

You want to know if everything is perfect before you submit? In my opinion, yes, both essays are already at a point of perfection that, if you decide to alter the content in any way, you could end up ruining the essence of your work. So don't look for anything to adjust or revise in the essays anymore. Just submit them. Both statements are as ready as they will ever be :-)

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