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Positive and negative impacts of children playing games. Know how to spend time appropriately.

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Sep 11, 2017   #1
Nowadays many people have access to computers on a wide basis and a large number of children play computer games.
What are the positive and negative impacts of playing computer games and what can be done to minimize the bad effects.

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It is an undeniable fact that advances in information technology, which can be seen as the appearance of computers, have made our lives easier and more comfortable. As a result, children now can easily get access to computer for several purposes, one of which is to play games. This essay will provide a sweeping view of how positive and negative playing game can be and point out some practical solutions to this phenomenon.

On the one hand, it is obvious that original games were created as a means to satisfy the people's need for entertainment, especially children's, and it actually works. Indeed, playing games not only help children to release the stress from everyday classes but equip them with the ability to fully develop their personal skills as well. The world that they play in games is like the minimized society, so children are able to gain such virtues as patience, solidarity, helpfulness and many others and learn how to address unexpected situations. This will certainly help enhance their brains in dealing with complicated problems and then be more mature and thoughtful.

On the other hand, with the mass production and highly popularity of games over time, the healthy habit of playing games is gradually dominated by the problem of severe addiction. Children who cannot control their temptation are likely to be abusive to games. The more they spend on playing games, the less they concentrate on studying due to the attraction of game over the heavy workload of schooling. Consequently, not only is this a waste of time and money but also inevitably leads to poor results of their study. Once the children get addicted to computer games, they for sure become unconscious of how dangerous it is and find it hard to get out of this.

It time we did something urgent to prevent this phenomenon from its exponential growth. Game providers and government should take control of the arrival and rapid spread of unhealthy games. It is parents' care that is of great necessity in educating children to feel the warmth of family-gathering. In addition, taking up sports or taking part in some outdoor activities are useful for children's mental and physical development instead of leading a sedentary lifestyle of sitting for hours in private room doing nothing but playing games.

In conclusion, computer games will bring us a lot great benefits if we know how to spend time appropriately.

I want to know what band I can get and if word choice, tense,... that I use are correctly or not?
Does it seem natural in English?
Hope to see your all comments and recommendations! Many thanks!
Holt  Educational Consultant - / 10,552 3449  
Sep 11, 2017   #2
Nguyen, you forgot to mention if you are taking this practice test for the TOEFL or IELTS. Since this is normally a TOEFL topic, I will assume that is the test that you wrote it for and score it based on the considerations for that test. Overall, I believe that you can get a score of 3 with this particular work. Your line of reasoning per paragraph is not fully developed because you are focusing on presenting information rather than developing your explanations in relation to the reason that you provided. Only one reason per paragraph is required. Focus on developing the explanation because that will show unity, progression, and coherence in your work. In terms of tense usage and word choice, keep practicing. There are a few problems here and there that can be improved only if you constantly practice thinking, speaking, and writing in English as often as possible.

The language that you present for use is in English. However, it is not at the native speaker level yet. If anything, your English skills would be considered as that of an intermediate to advanced user. There are still too many grammatical errors and sentence structure problems in your essay that prevent you from passing yourself off as a native speaker. Please learn to develop better concluding statements that accurately summarize the essay and offer a proper recap of your discussion rather than a one liner that does not help to impress the examiner with your English skills.

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