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Post Study Plan for Bachelor Degree in International Hotel Management (Switzerland school)

Bao Vo 1 / -  
Apr 10, 2017   #1

What will you do after graduate?

Vietnam is currently experiencing an economic boom. Beyond that, tourism is one of Vietnam's main industries, and by studying at the ...., I will have the opportunity to learn hospitality fundamentals.

After graduation, I hope to gain experience in global conglomerates like Hilton Worldwide, Intercontinental hotel group, or Marriott International which works in both hospitality and real estate development. In less than 10 years, I will work my best to become the General Manager, creating connections, saving an amount of money to follow my dream: having a chain of luxury hotels around the world.

First one will be open in Danang, Vietnam's central coast, where tourism is predicted to continue growing in the next decade. My family already have a large property, ready to be use as a hotel.

What make my hotels distinguish with others is that mine will focus on serving foreign customers with traditional culture and local streetlife, street food for example. The Vietnam National Administration of Tourism's statistics show that the number of international visitors in Vietnam increase at least 20% per year. Last year was 29%. Luxury hotels and resorts usually want the customers to feel like they are at home. For me, I hope my customers feel like they are going on a journey, after all, what is the point to travel abroad? I believe the combination of history and model, streetlife style but high standard service will not only pleased the customer, but also create an interesting experience and unforgettable moment while they stay in the hotel.

Also, there are not many 5-star hotels and resorts that owned by a Vietnamese in Vietnam, not mention zero in foreign country. I want and I will become one of the first person with Vietnam's nationality, to bring Vietnam brand to the world. Eventually, I hope to become an alumnus that the juniors can look up and seek support from.
Holt  Educational Consultant - / 13,028 4247  
Apr 10, 2017   #2
Bao, your post study plan should cover the first 5 years of your post tertiary educational career. So your plans should not include the parts that require you to have a masters degree in order to accomplish your dream or ambition. This essay should therefore, fully develop the idea behind how you plan to gain enough work experience to eventually, become a general manager. If you wish to work for the Hilton, Marriot, or Intercontinental hotel chain, then discuss how you plan to first, gain employment in one of the hotels. I believe that it would be best if you discuss how you plan to work at each hotel for the first five years of your professional career so that you will gain a well rounded experience when it comes to dealing with various hotel management styles. Explain what particular aspect of your professional career you hope to develop during this time and then, explain that at the end of 5 years, you plan to enroll in a masters degree course in order to help you become a general manager. For the general manager plan, pick one of the hotels, the one that you feel will help you learn the ropes with regards to how you can start your hotel in Vietnam and discuss that. Stop discussing at this point because the next steps will require you to have a management PhD already. We only need to aim for the first 5 years leading up to your requirement for a masters degree in management.

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