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"Power of Makeup" - Yale Supplement Essay!

hellopark 3 / 8  
Dec 30, 2010   #1
Hello everyone! :) I hope to get a bit of feedback before I turn this bad boy in! Thank you all in advance for taking time to read over it. Thanks, good luck and best of wishes to everyone and their applications! :) :)

You have already told us about yourself in the Common Application, with its list of activities, Short Answer, and Personal Essay. In this required second essay, tell us something that you would like us to know about you that we might not get from the rest of your application - or something that you would like a chance to say more about. Please limit your essay to fewer than 500 words. (pretty much anything)

I believe that makeup has incredible powers. Any kind of makeup products possesses the same ability, whether it being a luxury, high-end lipstick or a dollar eye shadow. Makeup is a form of physical art that can introduce a person to a whole new world.

When I get to step into the bathroom, nothing else matters at that point. I could have an endless list of things to do, from studying for a Physics test to practicing the violin, but the list vanishes as I close the door. The bathroom becomes a sort of oasis as all my worries are replaced by feelings of pleasure and relaxation. I begin producing art; I become an artist at work. Picking up the brush never felt so normal for me. The art of putting on makeup is similar to painting. The makeup becomes my paint and my face, the canvas. Colors are picked carefully, and precision is vital. Brushstrokes of hues are dispersed everywhere as my face slowly alters into a whole new person.

Perhaps the greatest reason I adore makeup is because of its ability to stimulate my imagination. By painting the colors onto my face, I transform into a fresh new persona. I can become anything I want to be and reality has nothing against me. After I paint a new face on, I let my creativity take over. I am a teenage girl in her bathroom with her eyes closed far away from reality. My mind produces a new world for me. In my head, I can be first female boxer, ready to fight her most important match covered with bruises and sores which are illustrated on my face through makeup. The beauty of makeup is that it arouses the left hemisphere of my brain which is something that strong academic schools do not focus much of their time towards.

In academic focused schools students are constantly improving their analytical and logical knowledge which are directed by the left hemisphere of the brain. However, the right side of the brain which contains characteristics such as imagination is rarely exercised. I find that even art focused classes rarely stimulate the right brain; at most, these classes slightly nudge at it. I strongly believe that people who only utilize one side of their brain are not fulfilling maximum their potential because they only know the better of one world rather than both worlds. By putting makeup products all over my face, I am easily creating a gateway from reality to fantasy. Makeup creates the stepping stones of my creativity.

So after I finally run out of imagination juice, I wash my face and unwillingly enter back into reality.

Thank you again!! :)
lucky_mimi8592 4 / 8  
Dec 30, 2010   #2
I think ur essay is really good, indeed. It's original. I just have some little ideas. Hope it helps. Gud luk !!!

Picking up the brush has never felt so normal for me

Perhaps the greatest reason I adore makeup is because of its ability to stimulate my imagination.
I adore makeup mostly because of ...

transform into a fresh new persona I think u mean "person", right :D

I appreciate it if u can help me with my essay. Tks !!!

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