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It is precisely the environment I would like to put myself in - admission essay __ WHY NYUAD?

jiayun223 /  
Jul 28, 2018   #1

challenging years in NYUAD

The opportunities of traveling and language learning are immense temptations to a language-learning enthusiast such as me. I have been a self-taught language learner since seven and have by now learned English, Spanish, German, and a little bit of Japanese. At the thought of the global outreach that I will be able to do, from having all these students plucked from around the world, will allow these insights that I think will be unparalleled. The continent-bridging Abu Dhabi offers me a multicultural environment and a window to people from all walks of life.

I yearn to immerse myself with extensive knowledge and insights into a broad range of world cultures by studying away programs for my mind to flourish. I would be thrilled if I can do a study away at Madrid to immerse myself in Spanish culture and continue my journey as a Spanish learner since 7th grade. Hopefully, my horizon will be widened, my map will be full of questions. - What else haven't I seen? What else don't I know? -.

I imagine courses in NYUAD bring a level of education that is really unparalleled in the Middle East. I'm attracted to the school especially because I think NYUAD has invariably prided itself on being both worldly and westernized, but at the same time, it reflects the fact that it is in Abu Dhabi. Taken the geographic advantage of NYUAD along with my interests in culture and language, I would like to take curriculums in Cultural Exploration and Analysis and to study Arabic. However, I am open to any future possibilities I might come across. I am looking forward to further exploring my aptitude during the first year in NYUAD.

I learned in the final year of high school that being close to your teachers and being in a classroom with a smaller amount of bodies was really helpful for learning. So I am really excited about seeing that connection in action as NYUAD is so tightly knitted.

I am convinced that it will be four daunting years, continually stepping out of my comfort zone. Nevertheless, it is precisely the environment I would like to put myself in; learning from the best, learning with the best. I can not wait to see the person I will come to be after these four thrilling, challenging years in NYUAD. I believed it to be just the university for me, and I will unquestionably choose NYUAD if I am offered an admission.

polythurene 1 / 2 1  
Jul 29, 2018   #2
... of travelling and learning new languages are immense...
I have been a self-taught language learner since seven and..
... self-taught learner ever since the age ...[/R]
I yearn to immerse myself with extensive knowledge ... this sentence is a little off, in my opinion- try restructuring it
I am looking forward to further exploring my aptitude during the first year in NYUAD
tightly knitted
Holt - / 7,529 2001  
Jul 30, 2018   #3
HI Jasmine. Looking at your essay from the point of view of a reviewer, I am wondering why you chose NYUAD. There are uncertainties in your essay where you use the term "I hope" or "I think" and "I am convinced". You speak a lot about your yearning to learn about languages from an early childhood but you don't really explain how NYUAD can help you progress with that learning process. Everything that you say in the essay relates to information that anybody can get from the website. It is to generic in feel and content. You need to be more specific in presentation.

The information that this essay should contain must be a specific response as to why you chose NYUAD in specific terms. Discuss what subject you look forward to enrolling in and explain how it will help you achieve your learning goals. Describe the community and activities you will participate in along with why you look forward to these moments as a character building and social learning experience. Describe how, being a non-native student, you hope to help improve the cultural relationship between you and your international classmates.

Think of the universities internship programs and other mentoring opportunities that will help you achieve a professional goal. Explain why you think that your unique academic and professional objectives will best be served by the educators and program participants at the university. Aim to present yourself as a potential student who has a clear idea as to how you see your future and how the university will have a direct hand in this process. Avoid mentioning uncertainties and probabilities. Be definite. Show that you trust that the university can do these things for you which is why you chose to request for acceptance into the university.

What your essay lacks is a clear description of the factors that you used to help determine that NYUAD is the best university for your academic and professional goals. Clarify those points so that you can clearly explain why you chose NYUAD as your first choice university.

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