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Privilege to collaborate with the United States - The Global UGRAD Program

sixthofjune 1 / -  
Jan 5, 2022   #1
The Global UGRAD Program is for young leaders committed to serving their home communities.

Why would you be a great participant in the Global UGRAD Program?

The place we live in is a borderless world. We are all connected. Notwithstanding living in a small, underdeveloped, and outskirt village, I presume every opportunity that came up for everyone is equal. Nevertheless, the way an individual acknowledge every opportunity is different, including me. As a part of this borderless world, I splendidly know my role as a youth and an emerging leader for a youth community. Facing limitations in achieving what I want to do in life makes me realize how a support system is crucial. Having a whole nifty supportive family is a blessing for me, and my parents opened the world for me through books. They let me learn anything and helped me figure out the purposes of being a living creature in this world for me. I am always encouraged to spread my wings, experience international exposure, and positively impact society. In my 20s, going through a long journey as a learner, I pondered what the world meant for me.

As a genuine Indonesian, I define that becoming a citizen of this country is not just becoming an Indonesian. Regarding Indonesia being part of Southeast Asia Nation and United Nations, I stack up too that I am a citizen of this world. Out of that fact, I wise up that I also have responsibilities as a youth of this world. Thus, I have a strategic concern to show my role in this complex world. One of my actions is by carrying out social life development through a community. I lead a student health community, the first-aid organization for students interested in the socio-medical field at the university level. I stand as an adaptive, accountable, and emphatic leader. In working as a team, I lead the discussion, interact with members and let them deliver their thoughts about first-aid education and training programs. Furthermore, I assure the members to dedicate themselves to working on this socio-medical project to accomplish seemingly impossible tasks using a flexible approach to find the team's resourcefulness and build the team's problem-solving abilities. From my point of view, small community things can make a big difference and impact for the sake of our better future life, especially in the health field.

I presume it is a privilege to collaborate with the United States of America in any field for a developing country. Therefore, as Indonesia's student and representative youth leader, I am highly interested in the Global Undergraduate Student Exchange Program 2022 to reinforce Indonesia-America relations through cultural exchange, community action, and leadership programs. As a Javanese-Indonesian, one of the largest ethnic in Indonesia, I am learning about Javanese culture and other ethnicities in general, practicing the traditional dances, and playing Gamelan (traditional music instruments). Since America has native ethnicities too, I want to learn about their culture and then introduce Indonesian culture to know each other and increase the awareness to cherish the traditional or native cultures. Through cultural exchange, we can practice community care to exchange ideas to establish education for sustainability and development in global action programs, and in this case, leadership traits are needed to espouse the programs. Hence, as a mindful youth leader, I am convinced it will be possible to act with the urgency of today through global partnerships.
Holt  Educational Consultant - / 12,303 3989  
Jan 6, 2022   #2
Why do you keep presuming? I think this is your favorite word. It is such a favorite that you use it tiresomely in this essay. Sometimes, it is even used out of context. You are also tiring the reviewer by constantly pounding in your belief about a borderless world, a citizen of the world, and being a pure blooded whatever. Stop with that tiresome reminder. Yes, you are trying to make a point, but do not keep hammering it in. You will irritate the reviewer since that is not the only point of discussion or consideration for your application.

In fact, the most important part, the one about your being a community leader is only a paragraph long, when it should be the total focus of the essay since you are trying to prove your abilities as a community leader. Where is the name of the organization? What was your role at the start? How did you evolve into a leadership position? What successful acitivities did you ? These are the more important considerations when one is thinking of the applicant in terms of finding:

young leaders committed to serving their home communities

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