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'problem solving puzzles and mathematical problems' - Waterloo AIF SOFTWARE ENGINEERING program

dalvesta_a07 1 / -  
Feb 1, 2015   #1
These question are for my university application, I would appreciate any help to look over my answers.

Question1- Reasons for choosing your program and Waterloo
Please tell us about your educational goals, your interest in your chosen program(s), and your reasons for applying to the University of Waterloo. If you have applied to more than one program please discuss your interest in each program. (900 character limit)

From the time I was young, I have enjoyed problem solving puzzles and mathematical problems which inspired me to get into the software and computer world. It has been my goal to become successful and to obtain a career in the field of software engineering, for that reason I have been working hard to gain and grow my knowledge.

The University of Waterloo can give me the knowledge and experience needed for me to become successful in developing creative software programming skills. The software engineering program in Waterloo will allow me to build on my experience. Through software engineering I will also be able to combine all my creative ideas with my problem solving techniques.

The thing I want to be able to do the most is to create a program or software that will make a difference in the future of technology. Waterloo University can help me reach that goal.

question 2-Engineering Interests and Goals
Briefly explain why you are interested in engineering and particularly in the program to which you have applied. Comment, for example, on your interests and abilities; your career goals; exposure to engineering through school-related and other experiences; and discussions you have had with engineers, teachers, current or past Waterloo students. (900 character limit)

I am interested in software engineering because I am a creative person who has great passion to transform dreams and abstract ideas into concrete reality that makes difference. I am very eager to learn new things and to invest the knowledge I acquire to help in building the future of technology. I am an ambitious person who strongly believes that only through persistent hard work dreams can become reality. I sincerely believe that this field of study will help me fulfill my personal and social goals. Software engineering has always been a core topic that deeply interests me. I have always participated in technical projects at school, and I have been teaching myself more about programming to help further my knowledge in software engineering.

It is a passion, dream and ambition for me to join the software engineering program, and I am very grateful to have had this opportunity.

Ibukun 1 / 1  
Feb 1, 2015   #2
I think it's a great essay. But the part where you said 'I have always participated in technical projects at shcool', what technical projects, how did you get around to doing them. You mentioned social and personal goals. what are they? Do more of showing not telling.

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