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procrastinating, common app, details are important

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Dec 28, 2010   #1
How can I make this stronger?
Is it good at all?
Nothing could wake me up that morning. This thought comforted me. Shortly after, I came to the realization that rather, no one would be waking me up. I look up and the clock reads 7:50. I look around until realize that school started in ten minutes. Rousing myself awake, I walked over to my parent's bedroom. In the corner of the bed is an amorphous lump of blankets. I realized the amoeba of blankets as my own mother.

In my earlier years, my mom represented all that was good in my life. It was because of her that I was strove to succeed academically. Growing up, my mom provided me with a sense of direction in life. Unfortunately the mother I knew before was long gone. She had shriveled up into what I saw as a pathetic and helpless shell of her former self. Ever since the day of her mental breakdown, all she could do was passively watch the world pass her by as she peered through her blankets.

Always asking how my days were, always fixing up something for me to eat, nothing seemed to be the same at home. My mother who used to motivate me whenever I was feeling down was nowhere to found, and in her stead was a woman who couldn't bring herself to look her own son in the eyes.

It wasn't until my mother disappeared from my everyday life that I truly began to understand how important she was. Ever since I could remember, I had always taken my mother as well as all that she did for me for granted. Not only this, but I never stopped to appreciate all the small things she did for me. Making sure I had a good breakfast the day before a big test, providing me with words of wisdom whenever felt lost, all these small actions helped me get through the seemingly endless rigors of high school life.

Looking back on my high school career that is something I wished I had picked up on earlier. In many instances all the seemingly trivial details that I brushed aside were instead, essential pieces to the puzzle. Thoroughly memorizing a chemistry formula before a test may not seem of utmost importance, but in reality, remembering if a letter should be a "c" instead of a "f" can make the difference between an A or a C on a test. Deciding on starting an assignments an hour earlier rather than procrastinating on facebook may not seem that big of a different, but that determines whether or not one has a full night of sleep: crucial to functioning properly the next day at school.

A great feat cannot be achieved without at first, paying attention to details. Although I lost my mother for eight months, I also gained valuable knowledge. Not only is it important for me to take nothing for granted, but to also to pay attention and find the significance in even the most negligible details.

turntablespp 6 / 41  
Dec 28, 2010   #2
Very powerfully written essay!
just a mistake
"Ever since I could remember, I had always taken my mother as well as all that she did for me for granted."
overall, i really enjoyed reading this essay. It truly shows that this has impacted your life, and also changed you as a person to become someone better!

could u read my NYU essay?
cdyal87 3 / 15  
Dec 28, 2010   #3
Very moving and personal. it has a sense of poignant growth and lessons of life. Only one thing: "Looking back on my high school career that is something I wished I had picked up on earlier." Did you mean to say that you wish you would have realized the importance of high school? I would consider revising.

Otherwise, beautiful lamentation!

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