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'proud to be a Dancer' - quality or experience you are proud of UC

Nov 11, 2011   #1
Tell us about a personal quality, talent, accomplishment, contribution or experience that is important to you. What about this quality or accomplishment makes you proud, and how does it relate to the person you are

I am proud to be a ________ Dancer. There are many things I tried and started that I was not proud of, until I realized that they were all steps in forming the dancer I am today. My mother tried very hard to pique my interest by giving me complete flexibility to try many things as I was growing up. While flexibility can be seen as an opportunity for some, for me it led to indecision. My catalog of activities started with ballet, it moved to tap, then hip hop. I cannot forget the couple of classes in gymnastics, which ended because I could not do a handstand. I played soccer off and on since I was 5years old. There were bouts of violin, piano and flute that ended as quickly as they started and with my inability to read music. I could not blow into the flute correctly, my fingers were too short and chunky for the piano and I broke my violin. My next activity was swimming. I joined the local Cabana Club Swim Team. During my first event, the Individual Medley, my tears and my shouts of "I don't want to do this" bogged me down.

As I moved through high school, I dabbled a bit more in soccer, was a successful runner on the Varsity Cross Country team and played High School Water Polo. I continued to swim on the Club and _________HS Swim Teams. After all my attempted activities, I still had not found my niche but as always, I employed the determination to continue the quest. Finally, with the posting of ___________ Dance Team Tryouts, I found it. I had not tried dancing since I was very young and I was disadvantaged because I was joining the team as a Junior. My competition had been dancing for many years and many were part of the HS dance team already. I felt that my chances were slim against the experience of the other 40 girls trying out and I had never been my scared and anxious in my life. For the first time, I felt that I was supposed to be part of the team. There was a purpose in being committed and part of something bigger than ever before.

I practiced with the others at school and on my own in my bedroom. I put in hours above and beyond the expectation. I did not even tell my mother I was trying out because I did not want her to think this would be one more thing for my catalog of activities. What I soon realized was that I had more going for me than I thought. Clearly, my hidden talents began to join in harmony. I pulled flexibility from gymnastics, technique from ballet, a sense of rhythm form the multiple music classes, and my strength and stamina from years of sports. I put it all together and was one of 16 dancers that made the team. Today I am proud to be a __________ Dancer. We represent our school at spirit rallies, school events and competitions. We participate in community events and perform community service.

It all seemed to come together for me and I truly believe that my determination and strength came when a purpose was realized. All the individual seemingly unconnected things false starts but all pieces of road that lead to the purpose.

I think it's a great build up from the point where you mentioned bringing bits and pieces of the things you learned in your past and applied it to what you are capable of doing now. It's a point in time where you realize what you really are good at, and you love doing what you're good at. You brought in experience, talent, accomplishment, and a quality of perseverance.

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