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Purdue College Education and goals

daft123 5 / 8  
Dec 26, 2009   #1
Hey I would really appreciate some more ideas about what I could write about because the stuff that I have now is pretty boring.

1. Describe how your college education will allow you to achieve your personal or professional goals.

The life experiences and knowledge college offers will aid me in my future in the computer science and engineering world. Prominent Asian women in the engineering and science are scarce, but with the training and preparation from college courses I can succeed. I hope to gain an edge with a college education that will not only provide me with the knowledge for a career as a computer engineer but will also give me the aspect of working with new people and stepping out of my comfort zone to discover new things while allowing myself to mature. College education is important to me because without education after high school, I will not have a place to learn and thrive off of. The Purdue college education offers me a variety of courses so I will have many opportunities of growth and support. I hope to become a well rounded person with the opportunity to be engaged in different areas of knowledge in college. With the Purdue engineering programs I will be prepared and knowledgeable in areas of math and science and will have the necessary skills to aid me in my future career path.

yf8651 16 / 31  
Dec 26, 2009   #2
It is not a boring topic as long as you speak from your heart.

I do not know the word limit in your essay. If there is still some space, you might give more details about why you love computer science and engineering.

Your mentioned "Asian women in the engineering and science are scarce". More details about your interest in engineering will make your stand out from others.
leslery 3 / 8  
Dec 26, 2009   #3
I like the meaning behind your essay, but I feel that it needs more personality.

There are no little quirks that symbolize your own need for an education at Purdue. Perhaps you could talk about some of the courses that you find interesting at Purdue or why you want to be a computer engineer. Give a little example of stepping out of your comfort zone that you have already done in high school.

Thanks for your comment on my essay, I hope this helps!
nafis9 - / 1  
Jan 8, 2010   #4
Sorry for being out of topic. I was wondering if i write that i will come back to my country with the degree and then use it to achieve my goals with the degree will it strengthen my application or weaken it. plz tell me abt ur views

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