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Why do you want to pursue an MS-MIS degree at Mays Business School? - Texas A & M:

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Nov 21, 2012   #1
Please evaluate :-
Why do you want to pursue an MS-MIS degree at Mays Business School? (Not more than 2 pages double-spaced)
My reasons for applying to Mays Business School typically rely on the quality of education imparted here. Mays has been consistently ranked among top universities in Management Studies. Not only Mays, but the Texas A & M University has been ranked the 2nd best in USA by some renowned journals.

As far as career options are considered, I noticed that Mays offers a variety of programs for students in order for them to explore career options available and achieve their objectives.

I was quite impressed with your Unique Learning Programs like the Retail Buying. Even though it was for a Marketing program, I believe Mays efforts for exposing students to the practical implementation of the course-work through such programs is commendable.

Also, The Texas A&M University Center for the Management of Information Systems (CMIS) offers a variety of opportunities for introducing students to understand corporate atmosphere. The events that they conduct like the Mock Interviews and CMIS Case Competition seem very promising, and I am certain that such events will definitely help me hone my presentation and analytical skills. These programs will polish me further boost my chances of fulfilling my career aims.

I am certain that I will learn a lot from the successful women who are already a part of the workforce through The Women in Information Technology meets. I am keen to be a part of such a Business School which is so concerned in making sure that students achieve their goals by encouraging and conducting such programs.

The efforts of Graduate Business Career Services (GBCS) for each student to develop and enhance their professional skills and knowledge to help them attain their professional and career interests is very appreciating. All these aspects of the School have enticed me to Mays Business School and I positively hope to get a chance to study here.

Another great reason for me to consider would be its curriculum. On having gone through the courses present in the Curriculum offered by Mays Business School for Management Information System, I am very hopeful to be studying these courses. I have always had a keen interest in learning Database Concepts of Data Mining and Data Warehousing.

I performed best in Information Systems related courses, such as Database Management System, Information Security Systems, Advanced Database Management and Data Structures, and Data Communication Network with scores consistently above sixty percent. I graduated with Distinction in all four years of my under-graduate study.

I think the Master's Program for Management Information Systems at Mays Business School has all that is needed for me to accomplish my objectives. I have already pursued the Pre-requisite courses rquired for the MIS program and already have a strong base on these subjects since my undergraduate studies.

In addition, I believe that your program's unique curriculum, with its equal focus on technical, and business coursework will allow me to build on my undergraduate studies and work experience and help me to pursue my career goals. Through the Management Information Systems Practicum and the job shadowing opportunities available at your school, I will get opportunities to practice and apply the skills and knowledge acquired in the classroom to real life business scenarios.

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