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Qualities which were inspirational for me of a person .

shalini singh 14 / 23  
May 10, 2010   #1
Qualities which I liked the most in a person and which has an influence on me

It's hard for me to think of anyone else other than my late father, if I had to write about the person whom I admire a lot and is inspiration of my life. Unfortunately, he is not with me now physically but he has left his footprints which keep me reminding that I am his daughter. The greatest tribute to my late father would be if I can follow what he taught to me in my life and make him proud for being his kids.

He was a self made successful man; He achieved success in his life from a grass hood level. During his childhood, in early twentieth century the country where he was born and bought up was not developed as today it is. With limited facilities and amenities he had big goals of acquiring a higher education from one of the top most universities of the world. It wasn't trivial for him, somehow he worked very hard and with his determinations, aspirations and hard work he acquired what he always wanted to. This was a lesson for me and my brother that with hard work and determination we can even achieve impossible, the end result of the hard work is success. Eventually my father use to repeat these lines "It will get sweeter if you will add more sugar; sugar stands for hard work. Never loose hope and always think higher in life". It is due to his encouragements me and my brother always tried to work hard in whatever we did. Resulting we achieved success in the field we worked hard for and today we are doing good in professional and in personal lifes. All the credits behind what we are today goes to a person, who is not only responsible for bringing us in this world rather than he also fostered inspiration in us as beam of light with his experienced guidance.

Furthermore, it was not all that my father did for us. The values to be a good person is also implanted in us by my late father. He taught us that achieving higher and becoming successful should not only be our goal, being a good citizen and good human being is also important. This is the other most appreciable quality which makes us proud of our father. I would like to share one incidence here, which inspires me always to help other if I can. My father was a renowned scientist and professor. He got promoted because of his hard works to the position of Head and Director of his Department. After Joining this position first thing he did was invited all the students and staff for a meeting to discuss the problems they had in the department. After learning about the problems he started working on them and he was able to solve problems of the students. He also worked on the promotions of the employees which were due since decades because of inefficient management of the university and politics of the University. As a result of his efforts everyone who was entitled got promoted and had salary raise which they deserved. His staff and student were so happy that they recommended his name for the award which was given by the government of the country. My father received that award from the president of the country. It was a big honor to him and also to us being his children. The award was a great achievement of his life .

Indeed, it was also a life time lesson for us that if we are not selfish, help other and work hard we will also get back the rewards. I find that one essay wouldn't be enough to describe my father as he was a gem of a person; it is hard to find people like him in this world. It would be great tribute to him if we are able to somehow make him proud of being his children.

There is a famous saying that "There is a woman behind every successful man" but, I feel that if I would be able to achieve higher and succeed in life like him then my father will be the person behind me for that success.

EF_Kevin 8 / 13,324 129  
May 12, 2010   #2
Keep the verb tense the same:
It's hard for me to think of anyone else other than my late father if I had have to write about ...

The greatest tribute to my late father would will be if I can follow...

no capital letter after a semi-colon:
He was a self made successful man; he achieved success in ...

As a result of his efforts, everyone who was entitled got promoted and had a salary raise, which they deserved. His staff and students were so ..

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