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'I have the personal qualities it takes' - nursing school application

sydaddiesmom 1 / -  
Mar 16, 2012   #1
I would appreciate any feedback regarding grammar or content. Thank you

I have dreamed of going to nursing school for many years. Although the prospect of actually completing my prerequisites and nursing school was daunting. I honestly thought nursing school would remain a dream forever. It was not until the summer of 2010 when I was laid-off from my job of fourteen years that I knew it was time to make the first step. After receiving the phone call advising me of my layoff, my first thought should have been "Oh my god!" or "What am I going to do?" Instead my first thought was, "Great! Now I can go to nursing school." I immediately signed up for a summer English 101 class and I was on my way to making my dream a reality. I figured, as scary and time consuming the process of prerequisites and nursing school seemed if I did not start, I could never finish.

I am sure there are a number of applicants to the registered nursing program with much more healthcare work experience then I have; heck, I was a lead at a third party credit card processor for well over a decade. Although, working at Card Service International for so many years did not provide me with any healthcare experience, with the exception of the occasional mentally unstable employee, it did allow me to hone many other valuable skills such as critical thinking, multitasking, effective communication, listening, teamwork, and patience, patience, and more patience.

The bulk of my health care experience is not from a work place, rather a bit closer to home. The day before my senior year in High School my mother who was an LVN for Kaiser Permanente had surgery for a brain tumor. Although she was given six-months to live, with many surgeries and the dedication of many hard working doctors and nurses, she lived an additional eight-years. I was a primary care giver for my mother for the first four years of her illness and learned the joys and difficulties of taking care of someone who cannot care for themselves. It was in this capacity that I learned the most about compassion, empathy, patience, and handwork.

I believe I have the personal qualities it takes to become a successful nursing student and eventually a successful nurse. I hope you will consider me for acceptance into the LACC nursing program.

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