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Queen's Commerce: Most important lesson you learned from a mistake you have made? (300 words)

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Feb 15, 2018   #1
Hi! I stumbled upon this forum as I just completed one of my essay answers for Queen's Commerce. I tried to write about a topic that can be well-applied in business. I know it's lacking a lot, so I would love to hear some feedback on what needs to be improved/added/etc, to make this answer stand out. Thank you.

a lack of communication creates conflicts

Many people tend to overlook the importance of communication. Therefore, I'd like to share of an important lesson I've learned from a mistake I've made.

Previously at work, there had been a miscalculation regarding my first pay cheque. However, I was hesitant whether or not I should ask my employer directly due to the sensitive nature of the subject. Instead, I addressed my questions to my coworkers first. Eventually, my boss found out of about this through my coworkers and personally talked to me regarding the matter. To my surprise, she expressed how she felt disrespected and told me to directly tell her the next time I have concerns or problems. At this point, I came to realize how easily a misunderstanding can be created in a relationship that lacked communication.

Although the outcome of my mistake was unintentional, I could have avoided tension with my employer by being more open in our communication. Ironically, I was afraid of hurting our relationship with the mention of money while my boss felt distrust coming from me. Shortly after, I reflected on my mistake and changed my perception of my boss, which helped strengthen our employer-employee relationship.Speaking from my experience, a problem should be solved right away, otherwise, you'd only be left with bigger consequences to face later; just like how a misunderstanding was created when I avoided talking with my employer. With that being said, the important lesson I've learned is that good communication amongst one another is crucial to the success of any relationship. Through this small mistake, I have gained an important asset which I can take with me to Queen's Commerce and when I venture into the networking world of business.
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Feb 15, 2018   #2
Chenlei, the first sentence is a throw away. It is not necessary to create a prompt restatement in this instance because you have a word count sensitive essay. Open with the second paragraph instead. Insert a paragraph in between the current second and third paragraphs that shows the negative effect of what happened aside from the bad feeling it created in your boss. Discuss how this mistake affected your relationship with your boss and how you worked to fix it. Explain how you avoided repeating the same mistake in similar instances. Depict a development in your diplomatic communication skills. I need to emphasize the "diplomatic" part of communication because a diplomatic conversationalist will know how to discuss delicate and sensitive topics, such as a salary situation, in a manner that will produce results without creating discord or misunderstanding between the concerned parties.

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