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QuestBridge Miscelleneous Short Questions for college application

Jainam_Shah 1 / 1  
Sep 23, 2018   #1
Hello these are short answer questions for my college application I have wrote that are capped at 35 words. I would appreciate any feedback on the answers

Miscelleneous Short Answer Questions

Tell us about one of your proudest achievements or moments and what it says about you.

One of my proudest achievements was receiving a B in AP English and Language Composition. This may seem counter-intuitive as many would expect higher grades to be considered achievements, but in this case not for me. Prior to my sophomore year, I had pride that I received all A's and vowed that I would never receive a B. At the end of my first semester, as a sophomore, I saw my final score was not enough to earn an A. For the first week of my winter break I spent mulling over my grade, but the second week I realized that this mindset would lead me to failure solely. I decided to rather rejuvenate for the rest of my break and use this as a learning opportunity for next semester. From this point on I didn't go to class to earn an A, but rather to actually enjoy the material and work hard. Overtime, this new mindset led me to have a better mental state and I began enjoying all my classes without a fear of not getting an A.

What is your favorite subject to study, and why?

Science has been my favorite subject. The mathematics and critical thinking necessary has led me to failure multiple times, but that failure helps me to persevere. The journey from failure to achievement keeps me motivated.

What are your favorite books and/or movies?

My favorite book is Holes as it depicts a story of a shy boy whose experiences I can relate to. My favorite movies are Interstellar, The Matrix, and Mission:Impossible-Fallout

What is your favorite source of inspiration?

Steve Jobs is my favorite source of inspiration as from his battle with pancreatic cancer he has taught me that there is nothing to lose in life and no reason not to follow your heart.

How do you spend a typical weekend?

On Saturdays I do the laundry, vacuum the house, and finish any homework I have. On Sunday's I visit my temple to volunteer, and at night I write in my journal and watch TV.

What is the compliment that you have been paid that you are most proud of? Who gave you the compliment?
I am most proud of my mom saying, "I am proud to raise you," after I took care of my ill grandmother while my mom was in the hospital.

After a challenging experience, how do you rejuvenate?

I rejuvenate by taking a nap to relax my brain or listening to some pop music to clear my mind of any tension. Then I am ready to be productive.

What would you contribute to your future college campus community?

I would form a MCAT tutoring club where anyone can prepare together for this admission test without feeling the need of spending their money on expensive preparation classes.

Hetav Pandya 7 / 15 4  
Sep 23, 2018   #2
But in this case not for me - But this isn't the case for me
I had pride - I was proud
I will also recommend you to switch to another example if possible as most of the colleges are keen on academics and this might turn against you.

You could also mention the name of the author
not to follow - for not following
You might mean diary when referring to journals, both are quite different

You could also use a wide vocabulary and make complex sentences to make it more pleasant to read
Holt - / 7,529 2001  
Sep 24, 2018   #3
1. You are not talking about an achievement and what it says about you. Rather, you are discussing a point in time when you had a self-realization, which is a totally different response to a totally different topic. For this essay, you need to come from a point of view that speaks of a character trait such as perseverance, honesty, patience, understanding, empathy, or anything else along those lines of personality traits. The reviewer wants to get to know your character, not your mindset. What you are discussing here is your mindset, which is not a character trait.

2. Try to explain a bit more about why failure keeps you motivated to achieve. You can do this by skipping the sentence about math and critical thinking. The reviewer would like to understand what attracts you to various subjects and how that explains something about who you are or have become.

3. No changes

4. No changes

5. Try to add a line about what it was that you did the first time that your mom paid you that compliment. Aside from your grandmother was in the hospital and you cared for her, what did you do that was quite memorable during that period of time that made an impact on your mother? This goes to show the kind of character you have as a person, either as a son, relative, friend, or student.

6. A challenging experience is something that calls for a total body function composed of the body, mind, and in some aspects (if you believe in it) the human soul. So your response that taking a nap or listening to music is how you rejuvenate shows that you have not had a truly challenging experience in your life that begged you to take your abilities to its limits. Your response is used only for short tiring periodical activities that do not require too much participation of the aforementioned systems in the completion of the task. A person who rejuvenates from challenges does more than just that. For example, when I rejuvenate from the toll that city living takes on me, I take a camping trip to a local lake where I bask in the quiet of nature and the joys of simple living without the bother of technology. It helps my body find an inner peace and renewed energy to face the challenges I am about to face when I return to in the city.

7. Expand the explanation about the MCAT tutoring club. Who would comprise it? How would it be funded? Why do you think this sort of club is important to the student community? Where would the tutors come from?

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