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just a quick question about admission essay formats

pencil 6 / 11  
Dec 30, 2008   #1
For essays where you upload a document, do you think it's better to single space or double space? and are titles recommended or what?
lrnsmith09 5 / 11  
Dec 30, 2008   #2
Im pretty sure when uploading documents you can go either way, usually the website or application your are uploading to will change them to fit their format anyway, so either way it doesn't really matter. Personally I upload mine single spaced so that I'm not alarmed when my essay looks different : )

hope this helps!
akashnegi 8 / 23  
Dec 30, 2008   #3
it is usually wrtten on theinstructions whether theylike it singe or double spaced. If not listed, I would do it single spaced with a suitable title..

hope this helps..

Good luck..
OP pencil 6 / 11  
Dec 30, 2008   #4
oh that's a good point. thanks.
n00bl3t 3 / 30  
Dec 30, 2008   #5
I leave titles out, and I put it double spaced, for reading ease.

Does Common Application have rules about how they want the Personal Essay uploaded? I haven't seen it.
akashnegi 8 / 23  
Dec 30, 2008   #6
no, the common apps doesn't have any but some supplements have specific rules...
OP pencil 6 / 11  
Dec 30, 2008   #7
wait, akashnegi, do you mean like for the Common App Personal Statement colleges will state on their supplements how they want that submitted? or are you just saying for essays colleges want you to upload in their supplements?
Tootley 4 / 10  
Dec 30, 2008   #8
From my common app supplement essays I dont see any restrictions on formatting. I've searched the help section and found nothing. I've had single spaced for all my essays so far.
yasin391 6 / 22  
Dec 30, 2008   #9
I think you should double space it since the essay is uploaded. If you are copying and pasting it on to the site, then you would not use hard returns - no hitting the enter key in the essay because when applying for Columbia they specifically wrote that. But I'm not really sure about the common application. It should be the same. Just double space, indent, etc to be safe. Or maybe ask the admissions directly, its the best way to make sure...

Hope it goes well for your application.

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