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Jan 2, 2012   #1
Regardless of whether or not you have an intended major or concentration, please elaborate on an academic area of interest and how you wish to explore it at NYU's campuses in New York or Abu Dhabi or at one of our global academic centers around the world. Please share any activities or experiences you have had that have cultivated your intellectual interests leading you to choose to study at the NYU campus of your choice.

In eighth grade, a program called Legal Outreach came to my school to recruit students. There was a sample case study to garner interest and introduce the complications of law. Their ploy worked and I immediately became interested in law- eagerly signing up to be a part of the program. Unfortunately, I was not able to make it into the program; fortunately, my love of law never left me. Fast forward two years and I'm in high school majoring in Law and Society. For the past two years, I have taken courses in U.S. Government, Comparative Government, Criminal Law, Civil Law, Forensics, and Legal Ethics. Though the courses don't go into as much depth as law school courses do, I now have a better underlying notion of how the law operates. I chose NYU because it offers what I need to become a successful lawyer. NYU Gallatin's unique system will allow my intellectual curiosity to grow unabated. It will also allow me to further develop my writing skills, which is the center of the curriculum here. With such diverse students, I will be able to feed off of them and conceive my own unique analytical style. Being in an environment where I can think freely with others will help me when I go to law school in the future. Also, in the heart of NYC, I will be able to shape my intellectual mind and not be ignorant of all the information at my disposal. Not only that, but because NYC is such a fast-paced city, it will teach me to think quickly on my feet- a vital skill for any lawyer.

Why NYU?

Where should I begin? A good place is the "throbbing heart of a great city," as Albert Gallatin puts it. NYU is smack dab in the middle of NYC, a place where all cultures and ethnicities congregate. It is an urban place where you can get a true taste of diversity as well as a consummate experience of life. With this diversity comes knowledge from the corners of the Earth; knowledge that cannot be learned by reading a textbook. I want to become indulgent of it all and grow from it.

Academically, NYU Gallatin's function is specifically appealing. Everything is individualized: individualized courses, individualized attention, individualized advising, and individualized opportunities. This is the pristine learning environment. This unique atmosphere will allow me to stimulate my mind effectively. I'll be able to focus on what is important and let loose my motivation to do the rest. The tight-knit community allows for a small school feel, yet I will still be able to explore all the nooks and crannies that are offered at this large university.

Enough about NYU- everyone is probably already praising you (and your mother: NYC). It's time to be less egocentric and focus more on me. Think not what NYU can offer me but what I can offer NYU. I bring to the table a unique thinker. I have an eccentric personality that can add to NYU's diversity. I even appeal to people's rationale and emotions. I tend to galvanize wars- or rather intense intellectual arguments as well as put smiles on faces.

Do you find the "your mother" comment hilarious or just plain asinine? I can't take it back now so just give me some opinions.

What intrigues you? Tell us about one work of art, scientific achievement, piece of literature, method of communication, or place in the world (a film, book, performance, website, event, location, etc.), and explain its significance to you.

It's a sheet of metal! It's a giant stencil! It's Superman's worst enemy, Kryptonite! Close, but it's actually Kryptos. What is Kryptos? It certainly sounds like it's from another planet. Unfortunately, it is not a sign of alien life but rather an amazing sculpture created by Jim Sanborn, which is located outside of the CIA headquarters. Kryptos is shaped like a scroll and created out of copper. Imprinted in it are an endless number of seemingly arbitrary letters. From afar, it looks like a piece of esoteric text left behind by foreigners. So what exactly does the sculpture say? Only one person currently knows: Jim Sanborn himself- and he's not willing to give it up yet.

The sculpture is an art in itself- cryptography. Though cryptography sounds like a word reserved for the lords of the underworld, it describes the art of writing and solving codes. The first day I learned about the sculpture from Dan Brown's book, I went to my computer to research it and instantly became absorbed with both Kryptos and cryptography. I became a fiend for cryptography puzzles and solved them incessantly. Kryptos helped spark the hidden cryptographer in me. I learned to think critically and analytically, looking deep into what was in front of me. I learned to be resilient when faced with a daunting obstacle. I enjoyed using logic to piece things together and look at things internally rather than externally. It is intriguing how Kryptos, a work of art, profoundly changed my view of everyday life.

No need to fix them up as I sent them in already. Just give me an honest opinion of if they're good or not. I applied to Gallatin with these essays.

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Jan 3, 2012   #2
I still want someone to rate. No need to edit! Anything is appreciated.
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Feb 25, 2012   #4
Decisions are coming out soon and I'm getting nervous again. Can someone still rate these for me please?

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