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Readmission Essay into College of Education; past and future - statements

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May 27, 2014   #1
Assignment: You must complete a 1-2 page typed statement of readiness that reflects on any impediments that kept you from succeeding in the past, what changes have occurred with you, and your plan for academic success in the future. Statements of readiness that are written below college level expectations of grammar and composition will be returned to students without a review of their suspension status.

Dear Admissions Counselor:

When I was placed on academic suspension after the 2013 summer semester, I was not sure what I was going to do with myself. I was entirely aware that it was my fault I had an inadequate GPA, but it didn't initially bother me since I had never really been committed to my education. I had no idea what I wanted to study when I graduated high school, so when I got to the University of Houston I jumped around from major to major. I tried out different classes based off of what former classmates had taken but none of them really interested me. My disinterest in Hotel and Restaurant Management and in Nutrition left me feeling lost and without focus. I started taking classes just so I could say I was still a college student, but I wasn't taking any of them seriously.

Around the time I first started feeling lost with my schooling, I acquired a job as a legal assistant by pure chance. I liked the money my job was bringing in so I kept putting off my studies and skipping classes so I could put in more hours at work. This led to the worsening of my grades and I was placed on academic suspension. Because the money I was bringing in was so good, it didn't initially bother that I couldn't go back to U of H. I was momentarily blinded by greed and I figured I would save the tuition money and that I could enroll in some classes at the Houston Community College instead.

By that time I had been working full time long enough that I knew I wanted more than just a job, I wanted a career I could enjoy. I had some previous experience working with children and I remembered how fulfilled I felt when I was with those students. I decided then that I needed to do something that would allow me to explore that passion so I enrolled in some early childhood/education classes at HCC. One of those classes required observational hours in different school settings and I was immediately sold. As I sat in and watched the teacher interact with the students I felt a rush of excitement because I finally knew what I was meant to do. Watching the children's faces light up with satisfaction when they finally understood a concept solidified my passion for helping young children. That was when I knew I would have to quit my job and pursue my education with full force.

As much as my job as a legal assistant distracted me from my studies, it has also helped me become much more efficient in handling deadlines. I have to keep up with deadlines in the county and district courts in Harris County, as well as various other counties from around the state. I also have to know which deadline corresponds to the appropriate attorney working that certain case, and I have to keep up with deadlines from opposing counsels as well. Keeping up with homework assignments and school deadlines will no longer be as big of a challenge for me. In addition to honing my organizational skills, I've also improved my self-discipline by joining a Zumba gym. I have been attending my workouts four days a week for about three months now and it has helped changed my perspective of hard work. I now know that in order to achieve results, I must put in all of my effort into getting what I want. My objective now is to use my newfound efficiency and dedication and apply it to all of my work at U of H. I know that I cannot keep my job if I am to succeed in school this time around, so I will be quitting at the end of the summer. My plan is to stay focused on my end game: to graduate and obtain employment as an elementary teacher.

My suspension could have easily been avoided had I applied myself from the beginning, but it did give me the opportunity to develop skills necessary to succeed the second time around. I am committed to seeing my plans through, and I am confident that I have learned a great deal since my time away. Whatever your final decision, I want to thank you for your time and consideration.

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