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Readmission Essay- Overcoming Academic Suspension

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May 28, 2020   #1

Readmission of the previously suspended student

If you are applying as a former student and were suspended for academic reason, describe briefly any actions you have taken to improve your academic abilities and give reason why you should be readmitted.

Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

My dismissal from the ------ due to my inadequate grades was dreadful, to say the least. I hit one of the lowest points in my life and was distraught knowing that I let myself get to this point. I remember the shame I felt when I told my parents I was moving out of my apartment early to come back home because I could not handle the college environment. I felt so distraught because I knew I let my loved ones down, but most importantly I let myself down. Although this downfall seemed to be my breaking point to give up on my academic career, it was a wake-up call to turn my life around. The departure allowed me to find my purpose in life again, branch out of my comfort zone, and overcome the obstacles of my inner self-destruction.

The upcoming spring semester was rapidly approaching following my dismissal. I was unmotivated and lost as to what steps to take next in my life. My anxiety was at its peak, and I was falling apart. Although I felt like I was never going to overcome this barrier, I built up the courage and decided to enroll at my local community college. I wanted to dedicate myself to improve in my studies and especially my character. So, I contacted my former advisor from my department and spoke with the advisors at my local community college. I devised a plan to follow, and I was ready to embark on a journey towards self-improvement.

I began this progress by realizing that my previous studying habits were not sufficient. I needed to stop rushing things and taking on workloads I had not mastered yet. Rather than continuing to pass by or fail miserably, I retook the courses that I lacked improvement in before continuing to the next upper course. Then, to become more disciplined I learned how to prioritize, manage my time, and develop a study routine. I rarely missed class and I made it a mission to arrive on time. Since classes were small, I took advantage of it by sitting in the front of the class and asking questions whenever I needed help. I also went to office hours to go over missed exam questions and practiced breathing techniques to lessen my test anxiety. Little by little I started to see progress. I was able to retain my subject's material better and help other students who were struggling. Towards the end of the spring semester, I got a job and I managed to balance both school and work. Luckily, I finished my spring and summer semesters at my local community college with over a 3.0-grade point average and I regained my ambition to achieve my goals in life. The move back home was an awakening call that brought me back to my roots and the reasons why I wanted to go to college. I wanted a better life for my family and me, an opportunity to contribute to society, and a chance to achieve my dream of becoming a health professional.

After much consideration, I decided to move back to ----- and continue my education at the community college in ----. I knew moving was going to be more demanding and would require me to work harder, but I was ready to undertake another phase in my life. The school year commenced; I continued to practice the study methods I had developed, but I had encountered more challenges. Although I had previously been able to balance school and work, managing two jobs while taking more strenuous courses was difficult. My time management needed to be handled more efficiently because I had more responsibilities to handle. So, I committed myself to build a schedule that included my lectures, labs, work, study periods, and my private time. Furthermore, I pushed myself to find alternatives to help myself learn the material I was struggling with by studying with others and forming study groups. Progress was slow at first, but I pushed through and finished doing well in courses. Even when my life was getting too hectic, I kept myself motivated, broaden my horizons, and continued to strive to do better academically.

One of the most important obstacles I conquered during my hiatus was working on my inner well-being. Coming into my freshman year, I was afraid of asking for help and showing my vulnerabilities. I let my insecurities take control of my life which reflected in my poor academic performance and low self-esteem. Now that I matured, I took the initiative to stop living in fear and take control of my life. I relieved my stress by meditating and releasing my negative thoughts. Additionally, I started to work out and eat healthier to build up my confidence. Most notably I sought help from others and began socializing more. I was able to experience more things in life and gain a higher perspective of myself. I got to experience going to my first ----- football game, I got to learn more about the many multicultural communities ---- offered, and I had the opportunity to meet one of the most influential journalists in the Hispanic community, Maria Elena Salinas. Learning to accept myself through this difficult time in my life showed me that valuing my worthiness can open many opportunities. I can wake up each day with a positive mentality and work towards a better future for myself.

The past year and a half have taught me how strong and capable I am. I have learned how to overcome my failures, make changes, and move forward. It would be an honor to bring this better version of myself to this campus and become a possible mentor to others who share my struggles. I understand now to trust the process of my journey and to stop dwelling on my past. I have built a stronger foundation to succeed academically and learned how to overcome my inner struggles. I am confident now that I will be able to conquer many more obstacles and continue to fight for my dreams because of the experiences I endured. I am excited to see what the future holds for me and the opportunities it will open. Whether this is my time to return to ------ or not, I would like to thank you for taking the time to hear my story and considering my readmission.

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May 28, 2020   #2
I believe that you have written a tremendously strong, detailed, and insightful readmission request letter. You have acknowledged your overall guilt, showed repentance, and followed through with your personal mea culpa to the point where you have improved yourself overall. I do not see any need to improve those parts of your letter. However, I do want to call your attention to the point in the letter where you mention having met Maria Elena Salinas. Surely she should have more than just a one sentence reference in this letter. Try to use that meeting to highlight the impact a realization on your part. What influence did that meeting have on you? How did it affect your decision to work even harder towards achieving your academic ambitions? Don't just make such an impactful event a mere mention, as if saying, "Oh, I also met Howard from sales." like it did not matter so much but had to be mentioned just the same. A deeper discussion of that meeting would help to add to the impact of your presentation. Be it a personal effect or a general effect, it should help highlight how you further decided to take charge of your life. It should have helped further inspire you to complete your degree at a 4 year college, rather than always attending community colleges.

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