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These are the reasons why I am willing to go to Japan (Cover letter)

lmhieu1108 1 / 1  
Jan 12, 2018   #1

the best experience out of others

Dear Mr/Mrs,
I am really interested in participating in this Japan culture exchanging trip. I strongly believe that the skills and experiences I have would make me an ideal candidate for taking part in this exchange program.

Going to Japan would be the best experience out of others. Japan has long been well-known for its everything. Seeing new sights, eating new food, meeting new people, especially gaining access to Japan's education as never before! Hence, I will dedicate myself to building up relationship between Vietnam and Japan.

What Japan can bring to me is numerous. Firstly, arriving there, then walking around the city and dropping by a small Japanese food court would never be better off by anything. Japanese cuisine is one of the best food on earth. For example, sushi with wasabi, which is chilly and way too delicious, will be the best choice out of other food ever. Therefore, I'm willing to taste every cuisine of Japan in such a significant scenery.

Next, Japanese residents are the most interesting and polite people around the world, who make me and everyone once coming to Japan never want to leave. Such hospitality and kindness of them will encourage us to make friends with them. Once being friends, sharing cultures would be essential. As a youth, I promise to try my best to make use of this time to exchange our cultures. As I've welcomed the Japanese students from Takada High school in Niigata Prefecture, I will do this time much more better. Above all, I and they really enjoyed ourselves thanks to our getting on well with each other. I was companied with a quiet girl called Sakura, and had really good time then. At that time, we talked very much about our lives in each other's country. As a result, we started to love the cultures and things we shared. At the end of the program, we promised to meet each other again. This program would also enable me to meet her one more time as I've always loved to.

The most important reason for my willing to go Japan is to have access to Japan's education. I strongly believe that your education, is the best one in Asia in terms of research and science. Thus, I'm planning to obtain Japan's diploma for global issues in near future. It will let me have wider range of choices for contribution to Japan as well as Vietnam.

Meanwhile, I am also a blogger. I often write about traveling, cultures and life quotes. If I can go to Japan this time, I would like to share my experiences in Japan to all my friends and followers.

To conclude, this trip will be advantageous and aspiring. I strongly believe that this education opportunity for not only me but also other scholars to better Vietnam-Japan diplomatic relations.

Thank you for your time and consideration.
Le Minh Hieu
winata7 3 / 5  
Jan 12, 2018   #2
Hi @lmhieu1108
It will be better if you alter this sentences
What Japan can bring to me is numerous into this sentence There are several reasons why I have been attracted by Japan
Above all, I and they we really enjoyed

keep up good work
Holt - / 7,651 1998  
Jan 13, 2018   #3
Hieu, in an application letter, you never brag about your credentials as being something that will get you the scholarship. You never mention that. Instead, you enlighten the reader as to the reasons why you would make a good candidate. Don't toot your own horn. What you think are a series of applicable credentials, may not be applicable at all in the point of view of the reviewer.

This letter is weak because it is a one sided discussion. You are so focused on what you can get out of the cultural exchange trip that you have neglected to discuss what unique character or perspective you can bring to the program that will make it an unforgettable experience for the other participants. Beyond the tourist attractions, what is it about Japan's culture that attracts you to the program? Beyond the known politeness of the Japanese, what else do you want to learn about them? As a Vietnamese in Japan, what would you introduce to your Japanese counterparts about your own culture and traditions? What sets Vietnamese culture apart from others that would make it a notable part of this cultural exchange program if you are accepted? Where are the similarities between Japan and Vietnam? Why would the differences between the two cultures be something that would result in a learning and understanding experience on both ends? These sorts of questions are what will create a strong impression upon the reader.

About your blogging, unless you are a travel blogger, or you plan to start a new blog about your experiences in Japan, the mention of that is weak, insufficient, and irrelevant.

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