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Reed College Supplement-Why do you choose Reed

yf8651 16 / 31  
Jan 10, 2010   #1
Hi, guys! This essay is very important for me. I really hope your helpful feedbacks. And correction of grammatical errors is also welcomed.

How did you first become interested in Reed, and why do you think Reed would be an appropriate place, both academically and socially, to continue your education? This essay is instrumental in helping the admission committee determine the match between you and Reed, so please be thorough.

Steve Jobs inspired me to apply for Reed College. Of course, he has never talked with me in person, but his story I once picked up left me with a good impression of the college. Steve Jobs managed to invent the beautiful interface of the Macintosh using what he had learned about art in Reed College. What a college! Reed provided such wonderful courses in calligraphy that it contributed to the development of the personal computer to some extent. I could not resist exploring more about Reed College. Delicate website of Reed extended my favorable impression, which soon turned into familiarity after I found more about Reed behind the appearance.

In my school, every student should choose between Sciences Class and Arts Class in Grade two. After that, science students nearly have no liberal art courses and vice versa. This educational system discouraged me from time to time since the two branches of education are like arms- either of which is indispensible for me. I like science, through which I can explore the double helix structure of DNA, the mystery of periodic table and the color ribbon due to the dispersion of light. On the other hand, I like to learn arts, where I can embrace the Eccentric and weird of One Hundred Years of Solitude, appreciate the warmth and peace of Virgin of the Rocks...

I never stop pursuing my interest in arts although I choose Sciences Class eventually. In the morning and at weekends, I continue my extensive reading no matter how many science assignments I have to finish and how busy I am. During these two years through my own efforts and through the courses in school, I actually got both broad knowledge and more specialized and in-depth knowledge. I hope to find this kind of balance in the college and Reed is a perfect choice for me! Both the yearlong interdisciplinary Humanities course and the challenging curriculum involving wide reading demonstrate Reed's emphasis on the balance and comprehensive education.

I hope to major in biology in the college. Apart from the rigorous biology courses in Reed, the Reed Canyon is an irresistible attraction to me. Located in the heart of the campus, the Canyon is like a beautiful silk ribbon for me to relax and reflect. It is also an ideal place for me to study and research since it has numerous easily accessible insects, fish, birds and mammals. In addition to the benefits I will get from Canyon, I hope to make my own contributions to this "treasure bowl". As long as I know, the native trees and shrubs in the canyon are at risk of being eliminated if the invaders are left to spread unchecked. Thus, I am eager to take part in the enhancement program of the canyon, in which I can help restore the native vegetation and remove the invasive weeds using my biological knowledge and skills.

Another reason why I choose Reed College is the distinctive honor principle, which makes Reed a community not of rules and procedures but of virtue. Personal responsibility and mutual respect among Reedies create an open and supportive atmosphere, which is conducive to my personal learning and growth. With the help of Reed College, Steven Jobs makes changes to the world and so will I.
Bella329 2 / 4  
Jan 10, 2010   #2
I feel like the 2nd paragraph is pointless left by itself because it doesn't relate to the Reed school in anyway. Try combining the 2nd and 3rd paragraphs.

Maybe add more about the "rigorous biology courses in Reed" and how you can benefit from it socially.

Awesome essay though. I really like your conclusion!
EF_Kevin 8 / 13,321 129  
Jan 17, 2010   #3
Delicate website of Reed extended my favorable impression, which soon turned into familiarity after I found more about Reed behind the appearance.

What is this sentence supposed to mean? I think you should say it in a ery simple way, and then end the first paragraph with a sentence that conveys the main idea of the whole essay.

In my school, every student should (what word is supposed to be here? I don't think you mean 'should') choose between Sciences Class and Arts Class in Grade two.

I hope intend to major in biology in the college.

I think one more sentence should be added to the end of the lst paragraph... an interesting final thought to leave with the reader. Can you come up with one more good sentence that expresses your intention?


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