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Request for a review; Extenuating Circumstances/ U Toronto

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Jan 6, 2013   #1
Hi guys, can someone help me proof read my letter of extenuating circumstances which i need to send in with my university applications. This is my first time ever writing one, and also the first time in awhile writing a letter. So if you could provide some feedback on the content and also the formatting, it is much appreciated!

Dear *****,

I am appealing to the faculty's decision on their policy for repeated courses. With this letter I hope to explain and clarify my extenuating circumstance, which, I believe, have affected my academic performance.

Nearing the end of my grade 11 year, my grandpa passed away. The news came to us very unexpectedly because most of my family, including my grandpa, lives in Hong Kong. My parents didn't have a lot of money, so it was hard for us to pay for plane tickets to attend the funeral, which was held in Hong Kong. My parents ended up borrowing most of the money, but it was only enough for my father and I to go. We spent two and a half weeks in Hong Kong, preparing for the funeral and also taking care of my grandma, who was suffering from shock and depression because of the loss. After the funeral we went back to Canada and spent another few days recovering from the jet lag. Going back to school it was hard for me to keep up with the curriculum because of the three week gap. So nearing the end of the school year I had done poorly on my tests and exams. During the following summer and the next academic year, my grade 12 year, my parents got into a lot of arguments and fights because of the money that we had to pay back and also because of my dad's mental illness of depression. My dad was also physically disabled, so I had to take up a part time job to help pay back the money. All in all the arguing and time spent on my part time job had me distracted from performing at the academic level in which I am capable of achieving.

But, after everything has settled down with my family and all the money paid back, I was able to catch up with the grade 11 curriculum and review what I had missed the following summer. I am now currently retaking most of my courses and putting forth all my efforts and new understandings into my studies. I hope to be studying at University of Toronto next year. Thank you for taking your time to review my situation, I greatly appreciate it.

Yours Sincerely,


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