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Research essay for Ryerson's Radio and Television Arts - confused about format

MikeCola 1 / -  
Jan 28, 2012   #1
Hello, I have recently applied for the RTA program at Ryerson and was just doing my required essays and saw that we needed to complete a research essay.

I'm just confused as to the format of the essay and I was wondering If anyone could help me out.

These are the instructions: A 750 to 1000-word research-based essay. You are required to provide supporting research for your arguments. At the end of the essay, you must provide a properly formatted bibliography including two or more scholarly or popular sources, as applicable to your topic. There are many online sites that describe proper scholarly formatting. You must choose one of the following research topics:

The topic I chose was:
Analyze how one "classic" pre-1980 television or radio program has influenced any or all of current media techniques, production values, storytelling and themes

I understand the simple essay format which would be an Intro, 3 body paragraphs and a conclusion, but I'm stuck on how to write about how a certain television show influences "any or all of of current media techniques, production values, storytelling and themes."

The show I decided to use is Spiderman the 1967 animated series.

I'm not to sure on how to structure the essay and how what information to include in the different paragraphs. Primarily in the intro.

Also, Im not sure I understand what they mean by media techniques and production values.

I've tried to find helpful sites on how to structure a research essay but theres not many that I found useful for my situation.

I've never written a research essay before, just comparison essays at school.

Any tips and/or assistance is GREATLY appreciated, as I need to have this finished in two days

Michael Menecola
unjh4545 4 / 11  
Jan 29, 2012   #2
If you are writing a research essay, don't start from the intro.

Since you chose Spiderman from 1967, like you did before, compare and contrast 3 things that you think is important. Just like you would normally write compare/contrast essay.

After you think your 3 body paragraphs are finished, try to sum up the paragraphs and write conclusion part. This shouldn't be hard because it is just summarizing and paraphrazing.

The hardest is the first paragraph. I think you should write why you chose Spiderman. And what you think about the techniques, values and themes from "Old version" Spiderman.

I think you should start writing the essay first to see how far you can get. I do believe that once you set in front of the computer, you will write something. I think for anyone, sitting in front of the computer is harder than writing itself.

Good luck on your essay!

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