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"Residential Colleges; student and faculty interactions" - Why Rice Essay

myang 4 / 10  
Dec 30, 2010   #1
"Why Rice?" I asked my best friend as we were talking about the places we might apply to. "You should check it out sometime! It looks just like Hogwarts!" she exclaimed. Curiosity got the best of me so I went off on a cyberspace journey with my good friend Google. I realized immediately that this Hogwarts-like school would provide an environment that I would not only enjoy learning, but live a happy life in for a majority of four years. As I dug deeper, the facts about Rice only verified my first impressions.

Rice strongly attracts my attention as a higher education school for various reasons. First of all, Rice offers a close-knit relationship in its Residential Colleges, which will help me make acquaintances I will value even after my Rice education. In addition, Rice's economics faculty is renowned around the world for its research which makes Rice a great place to study my interest of economics. Furthermore, Rice has a mathematical economics analysis major which especially appeals to me because it is a combination of two academic subjects that I have a true passion for. And finally, although the undergraduate economics major is one of the most popular roads traveled by students at Rice, the classes are still relatively small. If I decide to go even further in my education in economics beyond an undergraduate degree, Rice also offers a small doctoral program that will encourage student and faculty interactions due to its low student-faculty ratio.

The more I found out about Rice, the larger its place grew in my heart. Now, I realize that the "Why Rice?" question I asked of my friend can be answered multiple facts, but none of them truly capture the essence of Rice.

If you guys could give me some opinions on this essay especially the first and last paragraphs, it'd be greatly appreciated! In addition, tell me if the middle paragraph is too dry! Thanks!

rosaliana - / 6  
Dec 30, 2010   #2
I love the introduction, i sounds original and true. But the second paragraph is a little cliche, it doesn't tell the reader what is unique about Rice. :) :)

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