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'More Than Just Restoring a Car' - Common App Own Topic Admission

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Oct 20, 2012   #1
Thanks in advance to whoever reads this wall of text. I'm a horrible writer and haven't written anything in over a year so this isn't the best essay ever. That's why I'm coming here for help, this is my first draft rip it to shreds please, I don't mind criticism.

More Than Just Restoring a Car

As I slowly turn the key in the ignition a deafening roar fills the still summer day. All the birds in the trees simultaneously take flight into the clear blue sky, startled by what I had just unleashed. The scalding vinyl seats don't bother me; I have been waiting for this moment for years. I sit in my 73' Camaro and listen to the deep echoing rumble of the small block Chevy, grinning ear to ear, goose bumps covering my body. The years of hard work and sacrifice finally paid off and as I start my car for the first time I reflect on what it took to achieve my goal.

I made a commitment the day I purchased what was then no more than a rusty hunk of scrap metal, as my friends brutally described it. I was going to return the car to all its former glory. I had thought up a plan and I was going to stick to it. Shortly after I found myself a part time job at a busy catering hall. For that couple of years I strictly put aside most of my income towards my dream, working as many hours as I could to help attain my goal. Still, I dreaded the ten mile commute on my bike but it was just another obstacle I had to overcome.

Months passed, slowly but surely I was making progress. I relentlessly studied diagrams, videos, articles and anything else that would help me with my restoration. I first finished the bodywork and prepared the car for its coat of paint, I chose Imperial Blue Metallic with white racing stripes. I then started with the interior, the only thing I left original were those black vinyl seats in surprisingly good condition. Next came rebuilding the motor, the most challenging and crucial step. With the help of dozens of videos and articles it too was soon finished.

Step by step I accomplished something great. This was more than a car project for me. Being just a high school student at the time I learned a lot from this experience. Having never taken up something that required so much work and dedication it helped me realize that things in life don't come easily. I understand that you need to take the initiative, nothing happens on its own. Everything requires time, commitment, and hard work. Just as I had a plan for my project I have a plan for my future. I am willing to put forth the same commitment and dedication to further my education and build a career step by step. Constantly looking forward to the day when all the hard work and sacrifice pays off.
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Nov 8, 2012   #2
first please paraphrase your essay :)

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