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RICE university mini essays (intended major is Computer Science)

thimmaiah 4 / 5  
Dec 18, 2010   #1
What is your intended major? Discuss how your interest in the subject developed and describe any experience you have had in the field - such as volunteer work, internships and employment, participation in student organizations and activities - and what you have gained from your involvement.

With the understanding that the choice of academic school you indicated is not binding, Explain why you are applying to that particular school of study. Characters available 2000.

My intended major is Computer Science. I played Pokemon games on GameBoy during childhood and graduated to playing computer games as age advanced. I quickly grew passionate about the artistic value of video games and the logical nature of computers. My parents discouraged me saying that it would not help me earn my bread. Yet, one day unable to resist my pestering, my father took me to watch the World Cyber Games being held in Bangalore. Watching the games was sort of an eye opener for both of us - we both had a change of heart. He realized the potential of the cyber games and I realized my deficiencies -there were far too many good players. He intelligently asked me why I should not design a game of my own. The suggestion, coming from a person who was all along discouraging me, but who I love and respect, made an impact on me. In right earnest I started on my maiden computer game project. In no time I realized what a gargantuan task it was and ended it, but by then it had kindled my interest in computer programming (science).

I keep hearing that one must do what s/he enjoys doing. I love computer games and if I can design them, I will also get to play on them. What more do I want from the profession that will pay me to play! Not just pay any salary but a fairly decent one too per U.S. Labor Department statistics with which I will be able to take good care of my family.

I did seriously consider taking up an animation course offered by private training institute, but dropped the idea as I would end up being a one-trick pony and was no match to a university education. And, I could not pursue it in India because there are no University academic programs that offer training in this field and also the private tutorials were too expensive and could not afford. Also, it would not be a good life strategy to just learn one skill as I would be a one trick pony.

I have the basic stuff that can mould me into a good software engineer. I love math and I am good at it. My math scores in SAT and Subject SAT are a testimony to this fact. But, I don't want to learn math for sake of math, though. Since computer science is built on the foundations of mathematics I believe I can become a good computer science person and apply myself to developing effective ways to solving unique game (computing) challenges.

I have lived in Bangalore and I have seen how IT works and have been strongly influenced by the way IT cuts across various verticals giving me an opportunity to acquire a skill and knowledge.
nabil 3 / 3  
Dec 18, 2010   #2
The essay is well-written. However you could do better with the paragraph transitions and the ending. 'gargantuan'- nice word!
There's a grammatical error in the sentence "the private tutorials were too expensive and could not afford" It does not makes sense.

The expression 'one-trick pony' sounds good when used once but I would advise you against using it twice

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