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Rochester Short Answer. why good fit + different points of view

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Dec 27, 2009   #1
Rochester Supplementary Short Answers

1. What makes the University of Rochester a good fit for you? In answering, identify your sources of information, including any conversations you've had with Rochester faculty, staff, students, or alumni.

Rochester's open curriculum was what first caught my attention while I was searching for colleges online. According to Rochester's website, Rochester enables students to take additional courses, regardless of what major they have chosen. I believe Rochester would be a good fit for me as it allows me to pursue my utmost passions with relative combination freedom. I wish to focus on my intended major while exploring and developing other fields of interest and the curriculum's flexibility would allow me to accomplish that. In Hong Kong, the system requires adherence to one selected curriculum, and I would be unable to satisfy all my academic curiosities. Rochester does not have this limitation. I believe Rochester will pique all of my interests - disciplined with diversity.

2. Rochester students represent many different points of view. Each student constructs an independent study and research plan. Describe what you will contribute to Rochester's diversity of ideas, experiences, and identities. If you can, incorporate a positive past experience where you chose your own learning path, or a negative experience where you wanted to exercise more independence.

Different people have different cultures, different experiences, leading to individuality. In past, I have thrived in different cultural environments. My primary school was comprised of people from different nationalities, like Indian, Pakistani, and Filipino. I carried discrepancies at first, but after a while I found my classmates enthusiastic and cooperative. Once, we had to do a project together. At first, we quarreled on how to display the project, getting nothing done. Despite our differences, we overcame this barrier and learned to integrate our ideas. As a result, we received an A- but more importantly we learned the beauty of team spirit. I believe growing in a diverse environment helps us appreciate everyone for their uniqueness and I wish to contribute this to Rochester.

This is a first draft and I think I didnt do too well on the transition and connection. Also need second opinion on emphasize on 'positive' past experience for #2 short answer.

Please help and make any necessary changes.

WORD LIMIT:125 each

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