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Rutgers will open a great deal of opportunities for myself!

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Nov 28, 2012   #1
Rutgers University is a vibrant community of people with a wide variety of backgrounds and experiences. How would you benefit from and contribute to such an environment? Consider variables such as your talents, travels, leadership activities, volunteer services, and cultural experiences.

I am more than certain that Rutgers University will open a great deal of opportunities for myself. Especially help me reach my long awaited dream to become a veterinary. I can remember discussing with my mother about me attending Rutgers, how she loved the idea. I plan on enrolling into Rutgers University to major in "Animal Science" also apply to their pre-veterinary program. Rutgers pre-veterinary program will give a feel of how the veterinaries work and what type of obstacles they encounter. After viewing all my choices of Universities I've come to realize that Rutgers cannot be compared to any of my other choices because they have so much to offer for my career interest. I come from a Peruvian background therefore I assure you that I will add on to the diverse community that Rutgers obtains. It is my enthusiasm in becoming a veterinary that will keep me self-motivated, giving my undivided attention my class and professors also make me do my best and give it my all. Graduating from a Vocational School which also has a diverse community has made me an open-minded person so rest assure that I will open up to Rutgers vibrant community just as I am sure that they'll do the same.

I am grateful that I've erudite to speak two different languages knowing that my roots come from a Peruvian background where for some English is a difficult language to speak. This self-motivates me and allows me to reach higher opportunities than any other of my family members. Determination flows through my body knowing that most of my family didn't go far in life due to the fact that they lack the English language. Determination is something I will contribute to Rutgers Community, current enrolled students will see that an undergraduate can step in at a later time that they did and still give it their all and keep up with them just as long as they have determination and motivation to reach their goals. I have an act to make everyone around proud and well surprised, I remember a time where students told me I wouldn't make the wrestling team and their opinions didn't harm in any way instead it motivated me to prove them wrong. I will make Rutgers University proud to have a student who's motivation gets him where he needs to be and who isn't easily brought down by others, I will show others to never underestimate anyone for their looks or height. My background is exposed in this country and in myself through our delicious foods and superior music. Tales are told and lessons are taught about the Inca's who are connected to my background they were one of the strongest empires along with the Mayans and Aztecs. My personal knowledge of my background is something I would be more then eager to share with the community of Rutgers University. My culture has showed me to not let the hard work of others to go to waste and in my case it would be the hard work of my parents, how they brought me and my sibling to this union of states we call America to make something of our self. I will spread the meaning of "appreciation" around the community of Rutgers so I everyone can understand and learn how to appreciation others hard work.

Where I come from and who I am are also factors that I can contribute to the community of Rutgers. My personal experience of the environment I was raised in can also interest others. I was born into the streets of Paterson, New Jersey therefore I was around the influence of drug dealers, thief's, careless students. I didn't felt the pleasure of being around that type of influence or even looking at my future becoming similar to it rather it opened my eyes to seeing how important my education is and how it may benefit me in the future. The education that Rutgers provides will assure me a bright and well future for me and my love ones. My goal isn't just to make a legacy out of myself it is also to show others that nothing is impossible because the sky is the limit. My work experience shows me how people envy others who know the English language and does something with that talent to make something out of themselves rather than working at a fast food place. Gaining a degree at Rutgers University would make a young a adult exultant as he/she starts their life and this achievement would be passed down to the next generation.
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Dec 6, 2012   #2
preety good one.

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