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I said goodbye to my mother; University of Maryland

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Dec 3, 2006   #1
Please help me to revise my essay, thank you.
Compare to the last one I posted ( right on the last topic), which one is better?

6:45 pm, after I said the last "goodbye" to my mother, I walked into airport lounge.

7:00 pm, the KE968 flight took off. From this minute, I left the place I had lived for seventeen years.

I saw an air stewardess hanging a "Merry Christmas" decoration in the cabin wall. Christmas comes. Even though that was in China, western culture is gradually merged into this traditional country. Families become accustomed to reunite on Christmas, everyone else on this plane was going home, but me. I left my mother and was en route to another side of the world.

Now I have been away from my mother for almost one year. Every boy and girl I know around me here has his or her mum. I remember how I always "complained" this to my mum when I talked to her via the phone. Sometimes when someone's mum treats me like treats her daughter, I always felt thankful to her, and I started to miss my own mum. I envy my friends. Now the reason why I stay here from the first that I wanted to pursue more advanced education opportunities switch to a much more simple reason ď for my mother. My mother is my best friend. The thing I will never forget about my childhood was, when I was young, my mum took me from kindergarten or later from elementary school every afternoon. I was sitting in the back of her bicycle, and I always liked to sang a Chinese children folk song to her, "My dear mum, you works hard everyday and comes home late. Sit down, please, mum, drink some hot tea, please. Let me kiss you, my dear mum." The melody still resounds around my ear now. That was the sweetest time everyday in my childhood.

I would say how unfair it is for me now; I would go to the airport and buy a ticket and back to China; I would tell my mum I should stay with her, but I did not. The eagerer I am, the more powers that force me to stay in the United States. Even though my mum is far away from me, I can always feel her love. Even though she can not support me everything in my life, she gives me a more important thing my heart. Daughter's heart comes from a part of mother's heart, an old Chinese maxim says.

Why I can still smile in front of the world; why I can still enthusiastically strive for my dream, because of my mother. Life is about choices. My mother has given me the opportunity to either choose to enhance my future, or stay stagnates. Although the sacrifice is great, I have chosen to enhance my education. Although China offers a rigorous educational system, the American education is far more appealing to a student. We are encouraged to expand our horizons, and to learn outside of the textbook world. We are taught to use what we learn in the classroom and to apply it to our daily lives.

My mother has given me an opportunity to choose. And I've chosen to be the best student I can be. Even though my days are challenging, and at times I ask myself why life must be so hard at the age of eighteen, I remember my mother's loving eyes and remember the choice I've made the responsibilities I've taken on. University of Maryland at College Park is a very large university with great diversity. This institution offers not only a strong education opportunity, but also the opportunity to grow as an Asian American women through cultural diversity and sense of community.

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