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'The same, yet different' - Common App Essay topic of choice

taylordemon 1 / -  
Oct 28, 2012   #1
I wrote this essay last year as a nonlinear narrative and absolutely loved the idea of using it when i started. over this process though ive begun to doubt it... let me know what you think please!////common app topic of choice essay.

Seventeen-year-old girls are all the same. We're all seventeen, we're all girls, and none of us are perfect.

But what makes me different? How could I possibly stand out? I wake up, go to school, and then have basketball practice. I come home, study, and get as little sleep as necessary to function.

So what sets me apart? Not my grades or accomplishments. They're just measuring sticks, not really who I am. Instead, it's how I handle the things in life that are completely out of my control. When I think about it, it's how we handle life's little random events that set us all apart.

I remember in kindergarten my best friend moved. I didn't know what to do with myself. So, of course, I made a new one. She moved in second grade. I learned two things. When you're little, don't become too attached to things. Also, my best friends really like to move.

Last year I drove four hours to Franklin, Tennessee, slept outside in thirty-seven degree weather, waited in line for ten hours, and met Taylor Swift. The story might be quick, but it means more to me than can be put into words.

I decided to change schools when I reached the ninth grade. For a while, I thought it was the worst decision I had ever made. Now, I know it was the best. My entire freshman year I probably uttered a total of thirteen words to my classmates. To say that I was shy is nothing short of an understatement. It's not that I didn't like them, but I didn't know them. And that was how I used to be. I had to know you and be around you for a while before I would finally crack.

Thank God for basketball.

I was dragged onto the Tuscaloosa Academy Lady Knights basketball team for no reason other than they needed more people. I remember during basketball games I sat there and talked. Talked about completely unrelated things: the people I liked, those I maybe didn't, how excited I was for the next Taylor Swift CD, and how I had come to the conclusion that the people I talked to was like the selective permeability of a membrane. We had just learned about those in biology, and I thought it applied to my brain. It chose whom I talked to, not me.

My brain is no longer selectively permeable. I don't think it ever really was. And like all other seventeen-year-old girls, I'm still not perfect.

I could say I've lived and learned, but I know that's not entirely true. I can name all the presidents, do some trig, and even figure the acceleration of a football. So I've learned. And, of course, I've also lived. But learning from how you're living is something I'm still in the process of doing. I always will be.
linmark 2 / 328 7  
Nov 4, 2012   #2
Just one comment on last line - I will always be learning from now I am living??
Also, what made you loosen up all of a sudden when you joined the Ldies Knight tram- what changed? No pressure? Age / maturity?. A special experience that broke the ice??
wr336830 - / 1  
Nov 4, 2012   #3
It had some really good thoughts and humor (the "Also my best friends like to move" part among other things) but I feel like you need to expand more. Why was meeting Taylor Swift so important to making you who you are today? And like linmark said, Why did you start talking on your new basketball team. The ideas are all there, just try to be more specific. :)

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