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SAO - essay task 1 (250 words) "Physics of the Future" by "Michio Kaku" - I enjoyed this reading

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Oct 28, 2020   #1

What reading have you enjoyed most in the past year and why?

I wrote this essay for boarding school admission(high-school) but i dont know if it is good or bad or if I need to improve it.

The reading I have enjoyed the most in the past year is "Physics of the Future" by "Michio Kaku". With 300 scientists' help, the writer analyzes the information he has collected and writes in simple words what innovations will change our lives, how they will change them, and when it will happen?

Unlike many future science books I have read that tend to describe innovations on the verge of science fiction, this book shows practical innovations in fields like medicine, AI, and transportation and shows how they can look shortly.

This book completely amazes me. The fantastic discoveries and ideas that can enhance our lifestyle in the future with the simple explanation of how exactly we'll do it made me realize how unique the creativity in every human being and our desire always to move forward. It also shows the power of physics and the resources on Earth.

The only thing that disappointed me in the book is the lack of memory on global warming. In my opinion, this field is so important, and it's sad to see that even in a science book, it was pushed aside and barely mentioned. It reminds me why it's so important for me to work on this issue.

Therefore, the book made me understand how to use the world's laws to initiate, develop, and produce in different fields that can change our lifestyle beautifully. The book broadened my thought line and motivated me to continue researching, learning, develop ideas, and advancing with them.
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Oct 29, 2020   #2
Okay, you have already finished reading the book. You have already enjoyed the written material. As such, you should be using the appropriate past tense references for the action and descriptive words in the essay. Remember that the essay prompt also asks you to use past time references because of the past tense form of the word "enjoy" which is "enjoyed". So stick to the correct time reference.

Since you are asked why you enjoyed the book, you should not deviate from the prompt requirement. Discuss only the aspects you enjoyed. There is no need to reference what you did not enjoy about the book and other irrelevant information. You were right to close the essay based on what you learned from the book. However there is no need to use the term "Therefore" in that part. Just wrap up the discussion with a summary of information. You could instead say, "I will never forget the lessons I learned from the book about..." and then close the essay with a closing sentence.

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